Everything Is Not a Toy for Your Child

Cecilia was trying to finish typing her report on the laptop and send it to her boss before her deadline expired. Beside her was Bobo, her two-year old son crying and demanding Cecilia’s Samsung phone to play with. The woman didn’t want ‘disturbance’, so she gave her phone to Bobo.

Minutes later, she heard a smashing noise; Bobo had hit the phone on the tiles. The screen shattered.


Be Careful What You Say to Your Children When You Are Angry

Steve was in the staff room when he was called by the headmistress. The English teacher for primary three class wasn’t in school because she was sick, so Steve was asked  to teach the pupils English for that day.

It wasn’t a difficult task; Steve was a primary five English teacher, so he simply needed to see the lesson note to know what to teach. When he checked, the topic for the day was composition.

“Write a composition on the topic, My Family,” Steve instructed the pupils after he had finished teaching.

“You have twenty minutes,” He said and sat down watching the pupils.


How are you Coping with your Teenage Boys?

Parenting Concern for Teenage Boys and Consumption of Alcohol

Raising children through teen stages is probably the hardest part of child-raising. These stages are when children are filled with burning curiosity about topics parents are either uneasy to discuss or things parents find difficult to control.

Drinking is one of the curiosities teenage boys battle with, and it is a dilemma of massive proportions for parents.

This discourse is about boys –certainly, the next discourse will go the direction of girls—so here are is a story told by a male adult of his teenage experience on drinking.


When I was 19, I had sneaked out to attend a neighbour’s all night party. I lied to my parents that I was going for all-night browsing, so I met up with two of my friends, with whom I had planned the whole thing, and we hit the party.


3 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Academic Performance


It was a very hot afternoon in February in the city of Lagos.

I was on a short vacation but decided to conclude some transactions in a commercial bank in the heart of Victoria Island.

When it comes to wasting time in banks ….i am not a party to that …i am a very irate customer……smiles ….i know my rights ……. 

This young man in his mid 40s kept screaming at the people who were attending to him.

On this fateful day, I ran into someone who was more irate than I should be.

His behaviour was disgusting to me but I decided to utilize my excellent gisting skills and engage him .


3 Parenting Questions to Discuss with Your Spouse

Parenting is a huge task, and while many people approach it in different ways, there is no doubt that it is a difficult venture. But like with most phenomena in life, the first step to solving a problem is discovering the problem; therefore, this writing will take a look at some of the pressing parenting questions to discuss for the average Nigerian parent.

Do you give your children enough of your time?


Does Screaming at your Child make him Repentant?

Does Screaming at your child make him repentant?parental Discipline
Does Screaming at your child make him repentant?
Discipline in parenting is always a difficult challenge anytime any day because there is no hard and fast rule to it.

What works for child A might not work for child B. Every child is different and unique.

Does Screaming at your child make him repentant?

When this question was posted on our social media platforms, (more…)