The Entitled Child

So I was in a mall last week, trying to decide which affordable toy to get for my neighbour’s child (whom I had promised to get a toy for if he recorded high scores in his school tests), when I noticed a child and his mother walk into the same toy section where I was. They moved behind me, next to another woman with her daughter standing opposite me, choosing items from the shelf. 

I was still trying to choose between a plastic ball and an inflated bear when I heard noises behind me; the boy –who had just walked in with his mother—was protesting and throwing tantrums that he wanted a blue toy obviously already picked by the girl who had been standing close to the shelf with her mother. There were many toys on the shelf, clearly, but the boy (about five years or so) apparently wanted the one already chosen by the girl. I was going to shake my head at the hilarious childish outburst and then proceed to the counter when I got the shock of my life.


5 Ways to Survive Parenting During the Holidays

How to Survive Parenting, How to Survive parenting as a Single parent

how to survive parenting during the holidays

How a mother is surviving parenting this holidays

Everyone enjoys the holidays. Being a working Mother, I usually look forward to the holidays. But Surviving parenting during the holidays is a true test of your parenting skills.

While you feel the holidays is a time to rest as a working parent, the kids feel it’s a time to showcase their baggage of tantrums.