Blame Game with your kids

Blame Game in Parenting is almost a normal occurrence in virtually every home with kids.

A natural human being does not want to take the Blame, so do kids because they are human too.

In our last blog post,  I talked about how to reduce screaming at your kids by taking a pause.

When you reduce screaming,  you save yourself a lot of health challenges from headaches to high blood pressure.

Kids will always be kids but it is very important that as parents we learn to control our emotions and take absolute  charge of the situations.

These are Three  things you need to start doing to help you stop the Blame Game with your kids.

  1. Explain to them in such a manner that you can be easily understood.

Most often we feel our kids actually understood what we said to them but if you critically analyse what he heard and it’s interpretation,  you discover that he has a totally different understanding of the message you passed across.

Avoid using jargon to explain to your kids,  express yourself in simple plain and easy to understand  language.

We don’t need to showcase our high vocabulary,  keep it simple and straightforward and let your kids understand you.

2.Be Ready to Inform your Kids
Information is knowledge,  knowledge is power.

When your kids are better informed,  it reduces the rate of argument and passing blame games.

Get your kids acquainted with the happenings around them.

3.Be Ready to Describe

Kids love stories,  they want to tell you a particular story they like over and over again.

Be ready to describe and narrate whatever you want them to know.

They love stories,  so they easily understand your message when it is backed up with stories pointing to the same lesson.

Try these three things and let us know the results.

Remember, maintaining discipline in Parenting is not  a days job,  it is a conscious and continuous process.  There is no fire brigade approach to discipline.



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