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Spend time with your children because time spent with them is more valuable than most things the mind can imagine. Parents have many different reasons for which they don’t spend enough time with their children: many are too busy with work; some are kept away by marital issues, while some are just bad parents. But why should you as a parent spend time with your children? We take a look:


One of the reasons parents get very worried and uncomfortable when their children gain admission into higher institutions and move away from home is because they don’t really know the children they have raised, because they didn’t spend enough time with them.

When you spend time with your children, you understand them very well; you know areas where you can help them improve and areas where they are doing well enough.

When you understand your children, you have fewer reasons to shout at them because you already understand what works for them.


This is perhaps the most important reason why you must spend time with your children. It is sad how many children and their parents are so disconnected these days, and the reason is mainly because parents and children don’t spend enough time together anymore.

There was a story of a girl, Simi, who invited her father to her school’s PTA meeting.

During the meeting, the PTA chairman introduced a game to encourage bonding between parents and children, so the Simi’s father was asked questions about her daughter, while Simi had already been told to write down her answers to the questions her father was to be asked.

The man was asked questions such as his daughter’s favourite colour, her favourite food, her best friend, her best game, etc. He failed all. Simi was devasted and ashamed before her friends.

Bonding will give your children things to like and miss about you in the future.


One of the best ways to enjoy being a parent is to spend time with your children. It makes you wonder how parents who are hardly there for their children get to enjoy being parents.

Those moments when daddy throws his daughter in the air and catches her amid giggles; those moments when mummy plays her son’s favourite video game with him –they are some of the moments that make parenthood absolutely out of this world.

Why should any parent miss this? How can money replace this? It beats my imagination, honestly.

In conclusion, it is very understandable that many parents don’t have so much time these days, especially considering the country’s economy and the need to work harder and longer, but parents can make up within the little time they have left.

Children will remember the parent that spent time with them, even if only for brief moments, but they easily forget the one who barely spent time with them.   

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