There are always lessons from social media

There have been many lessons from social media this past week because it has been a very busy week on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, especially—with trending stories such as the claim by the supposed father of actress, Regina Daniels, who is married to billionaire businessman, Ned Nwoko; and the extended disagreement between a blogger, Blessing Okoro and a businessman, Onye Eze.

But what can parents teach their children from these social media trends?


It is common of human beings to want more and to always strive to have more. It is positive and negative –positive when it moderately drives an individual to work towards success, but negative when it extremely pushes an individual into greed.

From teen stages, children begin to show eagerness to show off expensive things to their friends and hide things they consider below their standard.

These things can include gadgets, parents’ cars, houses, etc. In effect, these children, as they grow into adulthood, would rather only take pictures of themselves in very beautiful houses and cars –which may not belong to their parents of even relations—expensive clothes, etc. Unfortunately, the quest to actually have or own these things in the future often pushes young people into crime. Here is where the need for contentment comes in.

Teach your children to be proud and happy with what they have. They can of course work towards making their situation better, but moderation must be applied at all times.

The lady who allegedly trespassed another man’s property to snap pictures and suggestively claim ownership of the house was very likely not contented with the house she lived in. That was the start of her problems.

It is a lesson from social media.


When the blogger made the post which had her picture in the said house, there were people “tapping into her blessing” so they could afford to build or buy their own house. Young people must have read the comments too. But the claim was false.

This happens very often; people show the best aspects of their lives on social media, thereby attracting the envy of those oblivious to the sufferings behind the scenes.

A story was told of a lady who took a screenshot of a food picture on her contact’s WhatsApp story and posted it on her Instagram handle as the food she was going to have for dinner. But while her followers were wowing at the picture, the lady was drinking garri for dinner in her room which her landlord had asked her to vacate because she couldn’t pay rent!

You must teach your children that all that glitters on social media is not gold. People don’t often show you the worst aspects of their lives on social media.

Social media is a make-believe world where anyone can be almost anything.

There are always lessons from social media, it’s your responsibility to teach your children these lessons.

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