The campaign for every human being to embrace a fit and healthy lifestyle has gradually increased at an alarming rate.

Meet our parent of the month as she breaks down in details why and how we should embrace a fit and healthy lifestyle

So, let’s meet you: who are you and what do you do?


My name is Chinwe Obinwanne. I am married to the most amazing man and we are blessed with three beautiful children. I am the Founder of Naijafitmoms Fitness Empire, a fitness company with a mission to build a healthy and fit nation through moms. We provide fitness trainings, insight, knowledge and tools for everyone to attain their fittest body yet. I am also a certified Content Marketing and Copywriting expert offering content consulting to top brands around the world.

Why are you interested in fitness?

I’m interested in fitness because I see it as the ticket to helping mothers and families as a whole maintain a quality state of health the most natural way without breaking a bank. I have seen how beneficial it has been to my life and to the lives of those around me, so it made perfect sense to stay ingrained in it’s benefits while sharing it with the world.

 Is your focus just on mothers or any interested person regardless of parenting status?

Absolutely not. My focus is not just on mothers, but on the family as an entity. I tend to advocate more for mothers to be fit because they are the true vehicle to reach everyone else in the family. They are the pillars of the home and when mothers live a healthy lifestyle, the rest of the family will eventually imbibe it. I have dads too as clients , mostly those in their mid 40s and even children as well.

It appears your services are limited to Lagos, why so?

No my services are not limited to Lagos. I service clients from different parts of the world through my online fitness training but because I am based in Lagos at the moment, I hold physical bootcamp classes for women thereby giving the illusion that my services are limited.


How are you able to combine family responsibilities and work?

First, I’ll say I couldn’t do it without God’s help and my hfusband’s firm support. Sometimes it gets hard and tricky but I’ve learned to take it one step at a time. I try not to sweat the small stuff and to stay thankful for the grace and strength to do the little I can. Largely, I create time for work and family so that no one interferes with the other. Then as my children grow, I give each one responsibilities to enable them be hands on and also help out around the house. I recognise that it is not easy, but I am a firm believer that with God, I can truly do all things.

 How supporting has your family been?

Like I highlighted above, my husband and children are of the utmost support along with other family members that pitch in from time to time.

Are your children proud of what you do? Do they have interest in joining the business in the future?

I suppose they are indeed proud of what I do (laughs). My son always tries to imitate me as a trainer and often talks about wanting to have people to coach in fitness too. He sometimes rounds up his siblings and starts training them as well (lol). My girls too love to be part of what I do. But on a professional level, I really can’t say about them joining the business in future. I think that remains to be seen as they grow since destiny may have other plans for them. I’m just satisfied that from this age, I’ve been able to inculcate the benefits of fitness and a healthy lifestyle in them – values I believe will be beneficial to them regardless of which professional path they toe.

What would you term your biggest accomplishment in this business

I would say that my biggest accomplishment thus far is being able to change the perception and lives of so many people through what I do. I also don’t take for granted the blessing of being able to do that through the big screen as a TV Fitness trainer with TVC Communications and via radio as an On-Air Fitness trainer with Brila FM. 

What is the time for your programmes on air, so that readers can actually catch up with you on air?

Oh that’s awesome. My program with Brila FM is by 7.28am on Saturdays while the TVC program is on Tuesdays by 7.23am

How would you describe your customer’s satisfaction with your services?

I would say that to a very large extent, my dedicated clients are usually happy with the results they see and most of the time, stay with the fitness journey as a lifestyle.

Finally, why is it necessary for mothers to be fit; I mean, mothers in the past didn’t have fitness regimes, yet they lived healthy.

Mothers in the past may not have had fitness regimes and supposedly lived healthy because back then, mothers were active and also fed on healthy foods as opposed to the easily available processed food there is today. Imagine a time where mothers exerted energy and burnt calories pounding their foods against the ease of blending on a blender or food processor. Where they went to farm and worked from crack of dawn till sunset under the harsh elements of the weather again exerting more energy and burning calories against driving in air conditioned cars to air conditioned offices and sitting at a computer. Where they carried heavy containers to go get water against the casual flicker of a tap to produce water…What I’m saying in essence is that times have changed and we as mothers need to get with the program. 

We are not as active as our predecessors were and the only way to get us moving is by deliberate injection of exercise and healthy eating choices into our lives. As a mother, being fit means that you’re in the best possible shape to care for your family and yourself, ward off many illnesses and diseases to enable you live longer and enjoy an excellent quality of life, and most importantly chart a healthy course for your children to follow.

Dear Tribe, It was great having a woman on this month’s edition of parenting gist …

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Tayo · February 25, 2019 at 9:48 am

Hello Chinwe, thank you for explaining all in easy to understand terms.

Nky · February 25, 2019 at 5:13 pm

Wonderful ,you will go places.

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