Work from Home with kids

Ideally everyone believes working from home is less stressful as it eliminates a lot of inconveniences like the time and energy spent
on commuting to and fro work.

That’s the ideal situation but in reality does it follow so? Working from home can be fun especially when kids are not involved.  It is a very crazy scenario when you work from home with kids.  You have to be very disciplined to be able to stay productive and achieve your work goals.

There are distractions here and there especially when your kids are very young. Everyone longs for attention- the kids need attention and so does your work. Who gets the lion share of your attention?  Your ability to apportion your time and attention proportionately determines how sane you will be at the end of the day.

The covid19 lockdown era is an eye opener to a lot of parents on what  the job role of teachers, nannies and care givers looks like on a normal situation. A lot of parents are anxious and eager for school to resume. We have to embrace the new normal with a liberal mindset. It’s not easy to handle just one child , now imagining having to handle 3, 4 and 5 kids alone as well as attend to your work productively. Sometimes when you are in the middle of an online meeting, a child barges into your office corner…how do you handle this ? Sometimes you loose it.

The screaming and chasing  adds less to  your productivity and leaves you unhappy. Things you need to know while working from home, to remain sane. Multi tasking is not the best way of doing things because one of those tasks will suffer at the end of the day.

The kids need attention and once they feel they are not getting enough of it as it pleases them, distractions become the order of the day. You hear things like ” Mummy I’m hungry and I want you to give me tea, bread and jam by yourself.” If you give the kids, the full attention, your work will suffer. You are not alone in this .

It’s okay to loose it sometimes. Just remember that there are good and bad days so there will be times when you loose it while working from home but below ideas have helped others parents remain sane while working from home with kids.

Set Routines/ Rosters – create daily routines and try as much as much as you can to stick to it.Collaboration — You need the collaboration and support of your kids to work effectively from home, so tell them what you are up to. Inform them what your expectations are while working from home and they will help you achieve it,Wake up earlier than the kids

For all the period I have had to work from home,  I hardly achieve anything meaningful while the kids are awake . It’s either I wake up
earlier than them and put all necessary tools in place or I sleep late (and work effectively while they are asleep) to achieve my daily productivity target

Create a work station (an office space) —
To  have that sense of work, create an office space , no matter how small it is and let them know that’s your workstation. So let them know its your space and no playing. If you have enough space, you can use an empty room or an area that can be locked.Creative activities to keep them busy –

Create fun activities that will keep them busy while you concentrate on your work.Use timers —

Allot time for all your work activities, this will improve your productivity and help eliminate tasks that are not useful.Adequate screen time –

Ensure to regulate screen time as most work from parents engage their kids only with screen activities. You can engage them with
other fun activities to help them adjust to the new normal.

Make use of essentials online tools- time tracking apps, headsets to reduce noise, – You can avoid and mitigate the effects of noise and distractions by using some basic online tools. 

 A combination of one or more of these strategies might work for you.You just need to apply these rules and find out the one that suits your current situation.

There are no written rules that what worked for Mrs A will work for you.  Which strategies have you used while working from home
with kids to maintain your sanity? 



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