We live in an extremely economically demanding world which has pushed everyone into serious scamper for money. Consequently, nobody has any time anymore for things our parents had times for in the past, especially trying to create stronger bonds with children.

One major consequence of this is that we have children who are raised without sharing bonds with their parents; who easily go into depression; who are incapable of loving; who lack real emotions.

To avoid these, here are a few ways to create stronger bonds with children:


It’s a bit ancient now, this practice, but it is still unbelievably effective.

Choose storytelling days/nights with your children in such a way that each person or two persons get a day to tell their story –say Friday and Saturday nights.

When this practice is established, it encourages very warm connection between parents and children, and even among children themselves.


This may apply more to parents with financial strength, given how much money that could be involved. But ironically, those who can afford it are the ones most far apart from their children. It does appear, really, that the richer the parents are, the busier and less available they become for their children.

If you are a parent concerned, try to plan short travels with your family, especially during school vacations. Change environment with your family; go to camps, sleep in resort centres, go to the village, etc.

Times shared together like this are usually cherished and very difficult to forget.

Therefore, parents can seize the opportunity and create stronger bonds with children.


Aha! Nobody can give lack of funds as an excuse here because, contrary to general belief, picnics of this nature are very affordable.

Get some fruits, buy some drinks, cook some food, etc, put everything in a big basket and take your family to a quiet –preferably natural—place, like a hill, water side, park, garden, etc.

Picnics of this nature are not necessarily about the food the family eats, but the quality of time it shares and the fact that parents can create stronger bonds with children.

The children will grow up with fond memories of places they’ve gone to on picnic with their parents and siblings.

In conclusion, it is very understandable that times have changed and that life has become more challenging on many fronts, especially financially, but family bonds must never be compromised. It is very important to raise children in love and happiness, and also importantly, in strong attachment to their parents’ love.

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