how many hours should your child devote to physical activity everyday

With the kids being home all day, schools, places of worship and most recreational centres closed, the number of hours your child should devote to physical activity becomes a major concern.

It is now very usual for children to spend so much time in front of screens . Whether mobile phones, laptops, computers – they are all screens.

Parents even prefer them spending much time on the screen because it gives them the opportunity to have their time and do  other things.
It’s not so okay to push them to the screen the whole day but engage them also in physical activities.

Importance of Physical Activity for your Children. 

When your child indulges in the right level of Physical Activity his bones, muscles and joints are well developed.

It helps your child’s neuromuscular awareness. It’s coordination and movement control.

It helps your child maintain a healthy body weight.

Physical activity helps your child improve his control over anxiety and depression symptoms.

It facilitate avenues for self expression and helps build self confidence and social interaction. 

How Long Should Your Child Engage in Physical Activity?

On a daily basis, your child should be encouraged to engage in physical activity. 

The World Health Organisation recommends that

For children and young people, physical activity includes play, games, sports, transportation, chores, recreation, physical education, or planned exercise, in the context of family, school, and community activities. The recommendations to improve cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness, bone health, and cardiovascular and metabolic health biomarkers are:

1. Children and youth aged 5-17 should accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate – to vigorous-intensity physical activity daily.

2. Amounts of physical activity greater than 60 minutes provide additional health benefits.

3. Most of the daily physical activity should be aerobic. Vigorous-intensity activities should be incorporated, including those that strengthen muscle and bone, at least 3 times per week.

Physical Activity here doesn’t mean only scheduled exercises . It also includes activities like games, sports, recreation, chores, physical education and so on.
If your child isn’t engaging in any physical activity yet, it’s not yet late to start now.
It is a gradual process, allow him to start little by little and progress as time goes on.

When next your son requests that he wants to ride his bicycle or run around the house, remember that you are doing his body good by allowing him.
Don’t hesitate to allow your child to perform age appropriate chores because you are helping him build a healthy body.



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