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A house provides shelter, but a home is where you weather all of life’s little storms — and revel in the sunshine.

Here are a few of our favorite things that transform a mere shelter into a safe haven.Thus making our home a place of parenting.


Friendly environment devoid of unnecessary tension; when your children don’t like returning home if they know it isn’t friendly, you put them off. Avoid the Loud voices, quarrels, nagging, strict clothing etc. Let them know it’s their home too not just that they are ‘tenants’ before they move out.

Create Family Time

Make out time , a time for all family members to be together. It might be a time to watch a movie together, dance together.

I know of a couple that has dance time with their kids just for fun. It’s really fun but everyone looks forward to it. They have happily created a place of parenting for themselves.

Constant questioning has to stop; some parents’ idea of parenting is constant questioning “what are you doing?  Where did you go? Have you done your chores? Is that a new book? Have you cleaned the car?” etc. conversational sentences make children relax and willing to share.

Place for everything-  toys, books, work stuff, school. No clutter; instilling this idea in the children ensures they know where to find and return stuff when they are done. You can’t have a clutter, how would you find something when you really need it? Let them replace whatever they are done using in its right place.

Same goes for you fellow parents! Having shelves for all help make rooms airy and spacious.

Make it comfortable, with chairs and furniture they can use; sofas and cozy settees would make climbing and jumping less nerving. Don’t surround your children with uncomfortable furniture. You can even get the sizes of chairs and tables for meals and playtime.

Clean at all times, or most often.

Having little ones is sometimes daunting because you have to ensure the home is spick and span, at least most times. So constant cleaning and wiping saves a trip to the doctor and illnesses.

Keep sharp objects and dangerous home stuff like drugs and utensils out of reach;

We know to keep sharp objects away to forestall mishaps. Keep them hidden or on shelves. I am constantly moving stuff as my boy grows older and the medicine cabinet is way out of reach. As we say in Naija, ‘to avoid stories that touch’

a place of parentingShare meals together as well as chores.

Encourage children old enough to try out some recipes, even if it’s only toasting the bread, preparing the eba or making a salad. Then use the dining table if your home has one, helping everyone bond over meals is important.


Make memories by all the things you do together and marks left behind; crayon marks, hand stains, leftover food splash etc., sure you would be vexed but cherish the moments you make there, there will always be a reminder of your children’s childhood and family times.

I know my home is where I can be me, and my family is free to do whatever without side looks. (

So dear parents make the home a haven, somewhere you and your family feel comfortable coming back to anytime. Learn and unlearn to relearn. Yes!

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