Family Fun Activities

Family Fun is usually what makes me look forward to weekends.
Despite the restrictions on lock-down and the recent covid19 pandemic , a lot of parents are still busy and don’t have all the time for family fun activities during the week.

The weekend is a good time to bond with your family.
There are so many family fun activities you can indulge in without spending too much money or breaking a bank.
Our ones of my favourite is the Roommate’s party.

My Children love partying but since we can’t really party outdoors now because of the lock-down restrictions on social events in our vicinity, they have introduced the Roommate’s Party.

It’s a real party only for the inmates of that room and any other invited guest from other members of the house.
You wouldn’t want to miss that as its fun filled like a real outdoor party.  Dancing competition, interviews, singing competition…just name all the fun you can imagine.

Colouring Contest. Colours are can print or draw things that can be coloured. It keeps everyone busy and always colourful.

Pillow Fight .This is another activity that is fun for everyone. Have you ever tried it? How did you feel? It’s also a form of exercise…Just try it if you haven’t. 

Hide and Seek The children are super excited when it’s time for hide and seek. You can imagine someone playing hide and seek and you can hear her voice giggling.  Everyone ends up laughing, creating fun and become happier.

Building Puzzle.Building Puzzle is a great way to bond, It improves  the intellect – emotionally, mentally and physically.

Taking a Walk.Taking a walk around your neighbourhood is also fun. Fresh cool breeze is good for anyone. Just ensure to guide the kids appropriately. 

Family Fun Activities

Children love cameras…whenever our fun activity is about taking photos , making videos or interviews.  The children are super excited. 
They want to snap, it’s snapping for fun but perhaps we might end up having the best photo shoot ever or best Instagram video.

The next the children want us to try out for fun is vlog and podcasting. These children want to explore and the only and best way to do it is by adding them to our family fun activities . These shoots might end up becoming your next big hit. Who knows?

What is your best family fun activity?



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Schola · July 25, 2020 at 1:38 pm

Really made me nostalgic! Ironically, this present era has reminded me of the vital things in life. Family Funtime is priceless! Good post

    ingo · July 25, 2020 at 2:04 pm

    The most priceless time…thanks for sharing

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