Does Screaming at your child make him repentant?parental Discipline
Does Screaming at your child make him repentant?
Discipline in parenting is always a difficult challenge anytime any day because there is no hard and fast rule to it.

What works for child A might not work for child B. Every child is different and unique.

Does Screaming at your child make him repentant?

When this question was posted on our social media platforms,

  almost 100% of respondents agreed that screaming at your child doesn’t make him repentant,  then why do we keep screaming at them?

A Mother replied

” I don’t think so ooo…after all my screaming na where we dey, we still dey o but yet we no fit stop d screaming so..😁”

Parents actually know that screaming at your child doesn’t make him repentant but they feel that’s the best option they have available.

They will continue screaming even when there are no positive results.

Recently in the course of my Researcher Mom duty,  I joined a mini course called parenting without drama. Am sure you will be wondering Where’s the drama coming from?

The drama comes when your child misbehaves and you get upset and screams. Your child gets upset too and becomes rebellious.

This becomes a viscous cycle,  we go through same process over and over again. Yet we keep screaming and no results are permanently achieved.

If we understand the cycle, perhaps we will be able to parent more purposefully and achieve better results.

Understanding this viscous cycle will not only help you in your parenting journey, it will also help in personal development and relationship with people.

The first step is to realize that you cannot control your child’s emotion but you can control yours.

You are absolutely in charge of your actions and reactions. So when next your child behaves inappropriately,  instead of screaming instantly,  pause and take a deep breath before reacting.

You can even excuse yourself while you think of the appropriate thing to do.

You’re not only controlling yourself but also modelling self control to your children.

They will observe it… Great copy cats they are.

Don’t react in anger you might regret your actions later.

So practice the pause before you react technique and share the results with us.



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