Our family activity schedule for the year was already full, when you have a house filled with active people – what do you expect?

Family Activity Schedule

With the kids suggesting a thousand and one vacation locations for the year. Everyone loves vacations….except you dont, I do.

While I was thinking of a local vacation ( a nice place within the country, maybe in cross rivers state of Nigeria or the Erin-Ijesha waterfall), they were busy planning for an international trip as if they know our pocket and financial stand.

I love visitations , I already had a long list of people we will visit and fun places as well.

But little did we know that the year will turn out to be totally different from what we envisaged.

With the present pandemic our family activity schedule is already altered if not totally cancelled.

I believe almost every family has their activity schedule already altered for the year.

You can always make the best and wise use out of every situation.

We have embraced the New normal with all excitement despite the numerous uncertainties that the future has in stock for everyone.

We have embraced extra curricula activities as a family as this has increased our family bonding time.

Too much of extra curricula activities research says it isnt good for anyone.

So there’s no room for excess of extra curricula activities.

Family bonding time is now intentional and deliberate.

There are lots of benefits  for family bonding and this helps in raising well groomed kids. the-advantages-of-family-time-113366)

Almost everyday there is time for family movie….popcorn can never be left out when it comes to family movie time.

This has given me the opportunity to listen and learn from my children.

I realised their love for animals…this is a great opportunity the new normal has afforded me.

Discovery of new dishes, everyone here loves food. So Daddy is the team lead for exploring and experimenting new food types…I love and enjoy the Bread Egg Tortilla….you need to see this awesome recipe.

I never had the opportunity to exercise in the mornings, but the new normal has afforded me that great privilege and opportunity to even have a family dance some mornings.

We have taught and encouraged presentation skills in every chid. There’s is new schedule for family presentation.
Each child is given a topic to lecture and educate every member of the family.

Question and Answer section isnt left out….Our presenter must be prepared.
This is enhancing everyone’s presentation skills ….no one is left out …even our 3- year old.

We have sincerly missed a lot of our old family activity schedule like going to church on sundays but adjusting to change is one of the ways of life that will always be.

Every sunday, we all attend mass online and everyone is expected to comport themselves as if we were in the physical church building.

The sunday bibile studies still remains part of the new normal as you are expected to listen attentively and share your take home in the evening.

Although I don’t really like the idea of indirectly home schooling and the stress and hassles of all the online school homeworks but they are part of the New normal so adaptation is key.

Below is a list of activities your family can indulge in this period …the list is not limited to these .

  • playing card games
  • Playing board games
  • Taking a walk in the neighbourhood while observing social distancing
  • Cooking simpler recipes
  • Starting a home garden
  • Listen to a story
  • Read a novel together
  • Learn something new

I am looking forward to you adding more activities to the list that has helped you and your family adjust to the New Normal on the comment section.

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