How to Clean kids toys, how to Clean kids toys with batteries, how to Clean kids toys with vinegar or chlorine bleach.

Clean Kids Toys
It is still very fresh in my memory, walking into a family friend’s house recently and my toddler hurriedly rushed to the box of kids toys which was somehow hidden at a corner of the kitchen.

My friend quickly rushed to remove the box and was my telling my kiddo not to touch them because they were very dirty.

She doesn’t have kids of that age anymore using the toys,  so they are somehow abandoned.

I am very sceptical when it comes to to toys and how clean they are. This is because most of these toys usually end up landing in your kids mouth –  a very easy and quick way to pick bacteria and germs.

Also most of these toys are expensive,  so I like keeping them clean and neat always (proper maintenance) . Am sure someone is already laughing at me “miser spend the money ”

Funny enough, most toys nowadays have batteries. If you allow the battery to get rotten inside,  you know you’ve practically spoilt that toy… Forward match to a toy shop to get a new one.

Am sure you wouldn’t like spending a fortune on kids toys and loosing them overnight.

Here are my special tips for cleaning and keeping the kids toys tidy all year round.

Storing Kids Toys
It is always difficult to store toys especially when you have a lot of them. These kids will always make it look like they don’t have any toys to play with.  My son’s favorite sentence whenever you ask him to play with his toys rather than watch cartoons … “Mom but we don’t have any more toys to play with”.
-Try and use the toy rotation system, a
system where you split the toys and
have a roster probably monthly so you
interchange the toys.
This will help declutter the kids toys as well as give them variety… Variety the say is the spice of life.
So you spice up their playing with toys.

While decluttering the toys,  remove all toys with broken and missing pieces that can neither be replaced nor fixed,  toys that your kids rarely use.
Also remember their ages while decluttering,  so keep only age appropriate toys.

Ensure to keep the surfaces where your kids play clear and neat,  this will help steer their imagination.

Create a space to keep bulky toys.

When kids play,  they make a mess of everywhere,  for easy packing and clean up,  use shelves. Once the kids are old enough,  ensure they clean up the mess after playing….. Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up.

How to Clean  kids toys

Usually kids toys should be cleaned as soon as you notice they are dirty.  But because younger kids put these toys in their mouth,  clean on a regular basis,  don’t wait to clean after a kid has caught an infection.

Electronic Kids Toys or toys with batteries

Do not dip a toy that has battery in water,  remove the batteries first.

Dip cloth into a container of warm soapy water,add a little vinegar or sterilizing liquid( or chlorine bleach) ,  use wet cloth to thoroughly clean the toy and wipe to remove all accumulated dust.

Use a toothbrush to carefully remove dirt already built up in cracks and crevices.

Ensure to air dry the toy.

For toys without batteries,  for me it’s a lot easier as I hand wash them. At least I will apply little caution,  there’s no battery to damage

I hand wash in a bowl of warm water and soap with little vinegar as disinfectant. Using also a toothbrush to remove dirt in cracks and joints.

After thorough washing,  rinse in a bowl of warm water with vinegar added to it.

air dry toys

For soft toys: -wash gently in machine with cold water or hand wash.

Do not spin as spinning might damage it.

Air dry and ensure it is properly dried before allowing kids to use it.

For dolls with hair. – wash dolls hair with shampoo and conditioner like a humans hair. -Allow to dry.
– Clean other body parts using a clean cloth.

For metal and wooden toys: – don’t dip wooden toys in water. Use clean cloth in solution of warm soapy solution with vinegar added to clean. Metals toys should be placed in warm soapy water solution with vinegar and properly washed.

Use toothbrush to brush off dirt in cracks and joints of both metal and wooden toys

Air/sun dry to help dry and prevent germs for wooden toys.

How else have you cleaned and stored your kids toys?



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