The Prevalence of Childhood Cancer

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Childhood Cancer

Our body systems are replete with various cells that control the effective functioning of every part of us. The efficient interactions of these cells in the body impact our growth, maintenance and wellbeing. When these cells are no longer in charge of the specific functions they do or totally lose control of their own growth, it results in what may be referred to as Cancer.


How to Clean, Store and take Good Care of Kids Toys

How to Clean kids toys, how to Clean kids toys with batteries, how to Clean kids toys with vinegar or chlorine bleach.

Clean Kids Toys
It is still very fresh in my memory, walking into a family friend’s house recently and my toddler hurriedly rushed to the box of kids toys which was somehow hidden at a corner of the kitchen.

My friend quickly rushed to remove the box and was my telling my kiddo not to touch them because they were very dirty. (more…)

Steps to Keep Mom’s Hair in Good shape

Mom’s Hair,  Mom’s Hairstyle, Mom’s Haircut

Mom's hair
As a culture, we are ‘child-obsessed at times this implies that as a parent often times we put our own needs behind us in a bid to fulfill the needs of our children but we should be able to make out. Time to take care of ourselves, time to keep mom’s hair in good condition. (more…)

Is Your Toddler Getting Enough Nutrients?

Enough Nutrients, What happens when your toddler is not getting enough nutrients?

toddlers getting enough nutrientsHaving kids especially toddlers can be challenging especially when you have picky eaters. When you have to think and contemplate if they are actually getting enough nutrients from the tiny amount of food they eat.

You can imagine when your toddler feeds basically on tea all day long. Some just feed on biscuits or bread alone. (more…)

3 Tips for Breastfeeding While Working

Breastfeeding while working,Breastfeeding Schedule for Working Moms,Breastfeeding and working fulltime

Breastfeeding while working

Breastfeeding while working full time.


Breastfeeding your baby is one of the greatest joys of motherhood.

It’s always a happy experience when you breastfeed, knowing you are fulfilling your motherly duties. (more…)