Does Screaming at your Child make him Repentant?

Does Screaming at your child make him repentant?parental Discipline
Does Screaming at your child make him repentant?
Discipline in parenting is always a difficult challenge anytime any day because there is no hard and fast rule to it.

What works for child A might not work for child B. Every child is different and unique.

Does Screaming at your child make him repentant?

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Steps to Keep Mom’s Hair in Good shape

Mom’s Hair,  Mom’s Hairstyle, Mom’s Haircut

Mom's hair
As a culture, we are ‘child-obsessed at times this implies that as a parent often times we put our own needs behind us in a bid to fulfill the needs of our children but we should be able to make out. Time to take care of ourselves, time to keep mom’s hair in good condition. (more…)

How to Handle a Messy Room with Your Children

How to clean a messy room, how to clean a messy house in a few minutes, how to clean a really messy room fast, step by step on how to clean a messy roomMessy Room

A messy room frustrates a parent. Educating children on how to keep their rooms tidy is of great importance and it’s a form of creativity which will easily lead to everlasting relationship with your child.

I assume that the process of helping a child learn to tidy up his or her room is a life skill that will remain with them throughout their lives.