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Boys abuse is a topic that sounds strange to many parents, primarily because it is not often discussed as girls abuse. But it is a real as life itself. It happens so often and with the people you least expect.

So a Facebook contact, Adedoyin Abolade, started a thread on boys abuse and my eyes have almost bled from the things they have read on the friend’s wall as posted by victims, usually in anonymity.

One particular story stood out as the most worrying, sad and painful,, so I decided to share it here, unedited:


I was 13, in SS1. I was smart enough for my age but naive to things of the opposite sex.

All I ever knew about sex then was what I was taught in Home-Economics and Biology. And maybe when some bold boys in my class discuss their crushes and girlfriends.

I have a Brother, who has a girlfriend back then. She would come to our house whenever he’s back from school. He was in Unilag as at that time.

I didn’t even care about what they do as they would either sent me to buy drinks, biscuits or fried sweet potatoes from main road.

Dad was a sailor(now retired), he’s never home. Mom is a Nurse at Luth. 

Most times, I’m always home alone as my immediate elder sister was in the boarding school.

So, that day; Aunty came and my brother just left for Lagos abruptly. 

And then she entered and I followed her into the sitting room. She’s no more a visitor in our house. Even Mom knew she was dating my brother.

I gave her water and I was happy she was around to keep my company as Mom was on afternoon duty.

That’s how Aunty came to sit close to me and showed me a magazine with erotic pictures on the pages. 

At a point, I started feeling uneasy. She moved closer and started drawing her gown up.

I told her she can start going but sh said No.

Then she stood up and headed into my brother’s room, my greatest mistake was following her.

When I entered, she closed the door and pushed me to the bed. I nearly hit my head on the wall. She didn’t mind.

Before I could say Jack, she’d removed my shorts and was on me. She used one hand to pin me down on the bed and I was almost suffocating.

To be honest, I didn’t understand what she was doing.

She sat on me and started going back and forth riding my small dick.

I screamed and shouted but there was no one near to save me.

When she’s done, I was fagged out. She wore her pants, draw her gown down and left me breathing hard.

I was angry, I decided to tell Mom but she didn’t return that night and I had to go sleep at our pastor’s house as I normally do whenever she’s having a double shift.

I was so moody for weeks until I told my friend in school and he said she raped me.

Aunty didn’t come to our house until 3 months later when she said my brother impregnated her.

My brother denied the Pregnancy, then she said the pregnancy was mine.

Mom was mad.

She informed Dad about what happened after I’d narrated what happened to her.

She arrested the lady’s Mom as she was claiming my brother and I gang raped her.

To cut the story short Mama Aremo, 

She delivered the baby and the boy was my carbon copy o.

Her Mom brought the baby to our house and Dad told Mom to accept him.

That’s how I was raped at age 13 and became a father at age 14 o.

The boy will be 15 by December.

It took God and time to love him and accept him as my child.


You see, boys abuse is real, and you can help check it by first of all believing your child when he makes claims of being abused.

Boys face sexual abuse too.

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