How Safe is the School Bus for your Child?

School Bus and Safety of Children, Is the School Dangerous ? How safe is school Bus?

Circumstances have ways of opening our eyes to some alarming possibilities and truths, except that sometimes, we are too occupied to see what has been revealed to us.

how safe is the school bus

I remember an incident during my days as a teacher in a private school. School had dismissed, but because I had lesson notes to write I stayed back in school. I was a new teacher to the school, so I didn’t want to be found wanting in my job so early on. The school had a school bus which took trips to drive home pupils and students, and there were many students to drop home every day because parents were usually too busy for school run in the afternoon. So I was hoping to join the bus when it returned for its last trip, to take home students who stayed back for lessons.


3 Ways to Create a Memorable Valentine’s Day for Your Family

Valentine’s day tip For your family

As children, whenever we got to the month of February, the thing that came to mind was Valentine’s Day. It was something to look forward to.

Well, we are adults now, and we have different perceptions of Val’s Day.

valentine's day for your family

For some parents, Valentine’s Day is special; for some others, it’s just another day. In fact, some parents say Val’s Day is a waste of time because love should be celebrated every day, not on a specific day!


4 Parenting Styles Children Love or Hate

Parenting styles in Nigeria, Parenting styles in Nigeria, Parenting styles Childen loves

Every parent has a style with which they raise their children. These styles differ from one parent to another, and children have their preferences in these styles. Sometimes, you can tell how much a child loves a parenting style through his or her reaction in the presence of the parent(s).


How are you Coping with your Teenage Boys?

Parenting Concern for Teenage Boys and Consumption of Alcohol

Raising children through teen stages is probably the hardest part of child-raising. These stages are when children are filled with burning curiosity about topics parents are either uneasy to discuss or things parents find difficult to control.

Drinking is one of the curiosities teenage boys battle with, and it is a dilemma of massive proportions for parents.

This discourse is about boys –certainly, the next discourse will go the direction of girls—so here are is a story told by a male adult of his teenage experience on drinking.


When I was 19, I had sneaked out to attend a neighbour’s all night party. I lied to my parents that I was going for all-night browsing, so I met up with two of my friends, with whom I had planned the whole thing, and we hit the party.


The New Trends in Raising Children in our Modern Society

Raising Children Raising Boys Raising Good Children

I used to have this very close friend from my secondary school days who eventually got married to her school boyfriend while she was still in third year in the university.

Nneka’s marriage was the envy of many girls, you know the romantic allure of getting married to your best friend and all, especially as Nneka and her husband, Austine, thoroughly endured each other’s faults.

Austine was a womanizer, while Nneka was violently jealous, so you can imagine the scenes when Nneka one day caught Austine cheating. That was even before they were married.

I ran into Nneka at a wedding about fifteen years after we had graduated from university. It was a pleasant meeting as we talked, laughed and caught up on things we had missed. I was married already and living in Lagos, Nneka a journalist and doing very well. She had six children, with the youngest and only girl being six years.


3 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Academic Performance


It was a very hot afternoon in February in the city of Lagos.

I was on a short vacation but decided to conclude some transactions in a commercial bank in the heart of Victoria Island.

When it comes to wasting time in banks ….i am not a party to that …i am a very irate customer……smiles ….i know my rights ……. 

This young man in his mid 40s kept screaming at the people who were attending to him.

On this fateful day, I ran into someone who was more irate than I should be.

His behaviour was disgusting to me but I decided to utilize my excellent gisting skills and engage him .


4 Safety Rules you must Remind your School Children to adhere to

Safety tips for School Children , Safety tips for kids

For parents tired of their children’s constant mischief, relief has come as school has resumed. But it’s not so much of good news for financially struggling parents who must now spend heavily on school fees and other academic demands.

But beyond the relief of having children go away to school or the worry of how to pay school fees, there is the bigger question of security for these school children.