At what age should your child start writing?

This is one of those questions that almost every parent is looking for answers to.

Bisi and Biodun  were married for 8 years before having their only child Bayo.
Bayo is now 4 – years old and already in Nursery One.

Sometimes the pre- school system is so crazy that a child might have attended school for close to 4 years before eventually starting basic One.

One day Mrs Olisa, Bayo’s new class teacher called BIsi to complain of Bayo’s inability to write like other children in her class.

Bisi promised to visit the school and know exactly what happened. 
Mrs Olisa who was pretty smart suggested to Bisi to get a private leason teacher for Bayo so he can cope well I’m class.

Bisi, being a very obedient wife thank Mrs Olisa and promised to get back to her.
When Bisi had a discussion with her husband, Biodun was strongly of the opinion that the boy was too young for all the stress of school.  He was very optimistic that Bayo will do well in school at the right age.

With her excellent persuading skills, Bisi tried persuading her husband into the whole private lesson teacher syndrome  but he vehemently stood against it.

To worsen the situation, Mrs Olisa called to inform Bisi that she had negotiated 20,000 per month  with the lesson teacher.

Waoo in this economy, Bisi immediately gave up😁
Biodun was very right, few years later Bayo has been doing marvellously well in his academic work. 

What Do Scientists have to say on the age a child should start Writing?

Between 12 and 25 months, your child should be able to scribble.
According to Baby Centre:
“At about 29 or 30 months, kids move from mere scribbles to true art. They’re more interested in coloring and painting, and they start adding colors and trying to represent real objects and things”

At 3 years, some children can manage to write their first name.

Every child develops at his or her own pace. 

If your child isnt fast in writing, first ..ask yourself..”How old is this Child?

Don’t compare your child to someone else’s child.

Don’t expect too much from your child.

Every one has both good and bad sides.
Help.harness the good part of your child , when the good spirit is dominant, it over shadows the part bad.

As parents we need to understand the pros and cons of certain decisions we take for our children.



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Zinny · November 16, 2019 at 3:22 am

Please how do you help a child of 6years write faster in class because his a very slow writer

ingo · November 16, 2019 at 2:34 pm

Thank you Zinny for your comment .
You can help a 6 year old in so many ways ;
Find out what works out for him, encourage him, use rewards and constant practising.
We would appreciate your feedback when you put all these into use.

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