Circle Time Activities are usually assumed to be for preschoolers but you can adopt it as part of your home activities / games to keep your kids busy this period.

Circle Time Activities

Even the older kids enjoy it too. It is indeed a special fun time for everyone.

What is Circle Time?

When a group of people sit together to perform an activity including everyone – It is called Circle Time.

It is also called Group Time.

It is simply when you perform an activity in a group or circle.

There is a plethora of activities that can be performed sitting in groups. They include but not limited to singing songs and rhymes, pass the ball around and so on.

Benefits of Circle Time Activities

Circle time activities helps to fortify and strengthen family bond as well as bond within people in the community. There is no better fun than creating family bond and long lasting childhood memories.

When you need to introduce new plans for the home or discuss a vital topic with your kids, circle time comes in handy. The kids will love it and listen to you attentively. They love surprises. You would have more fun with circle activities if you keep the sections short. Ten to fifteen minutes isn’t a bad idea after all.

Circle time activities helps to improve creativity and fine motor development in kids.

Sometimes, you find the kids bringing up ideas on how to make the game more fun. Yes, they are exploring their creative imagination.

It encourages socialization, so this is good for your introvert kids to mix up.

As parents we are encouraged to engage our children in many activities as much as we can.

Activities and games that will help them develop into well groomed adults. It is great to start early….as the saying goes

” Early to bed, Early to rise….”

Which circle activity  have you indulged in?



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