4 Reasons Why Petroleum Jelly is Good for You and your Family


Petroleum Jelly is good for you. What are the uses of Petroleum Jelly? Is Petroleum Jelly Good for You and Your Family?Is Vaseline the same as Petroleum Jelly?

Petroleum jelly is good

Most families spend a whole lot of money on lotions and creams especially for their little ones.
We all want our babies to look good and cute with fresh skin.


It’s achievable to have a healthier skin. You don’t need to break a bank to get this done.


Have you ever thought of petroleum jelly as a remedy to all your worries?


Do you know the uses of petroleum jelly?
I am an amazing fan of petroleum jelly because we make use of it daily at home.


Come to think of it, its a household name in my home and it has to be used everyday. Vaseline as fondly called by my kids.


Well, that’s true, we use the Vaseline brand of petroleum jelly. It is not expensive, very affordable.


Here are some of the uses of petroleum jelly……

petroleum jelly is good

What do you apply to your baby’s diaper area?
Of course for me ,it’s petroleum jelly.

Petroleum jelly is good to be used on the baby’s diaper area.


Petroleum jelly helps keep your baby’s diaper area moist and free from rashes.


It is inexpensive so you wouldn’t have to spend a fortune on nappy cream.

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When kids experience cold, it is usually associated with runny nose. The skin surrounding the nostrils is typically dry and cracked.
The itching and soreness around the edges of the nostrils can be reduced byb applying petroleum jelly in a minute quantity.


This can also prevent the nose from bleeding.


If you have active kids like mine, who are always jumping and climbing chairs and tables, then you are expected not to have a home without petroleum jelly.


Petroleum jelly is used in the treatment of minor wounds and injuries.


When you apply petroleum jelly to wounds and injuries, it aids in a faster healing process by locking the moisture content of the wound.


When next your hyper active one gets a little cut, quickly make use of your petroleum jelly… Vaseline


During the dry season the effect of the sun is much ….”scorching ”
You don’t need to worry whether the sun damaged your child’s skin or she has dry lips….a little amount of petroleum jelly applied to the the whole body ensures a healthy skin.


Petroleum jelly is good for the lips. Petroleum jelly keeps it moist , for me the only lip gloss I use is my Vaseline.



If you are allergic to other lip balms like me, try Vaseline.


It comes in different varieties, Vaseline BLUESEAL ..rich conditioning jelly Cocoa butter is the one I have in my hand bag right now.


The list of uses of petroleum jelly is endless but for these I have tried and it worked like magic.


Why don’t you try it today and testify to it’s goodness.


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  1. I use it in my home as well… In harmattan, I rub it in their nostrils and It’s the only thing that works for their extremely dry skin.
    Nice read by the way…

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