What Will the Year 2017 Be Like?


What will the year 2017 be like?
At times like this, we look back in order to realise how far we have come.

The year 2016 was a great one for me ; how was it for you?

There were ups and downs I know but how fast did you rise and move on?

In your career, family and personal life, how well did you perform?

Did you create enough time for your family, giving them the best??

How well did you fare as parents? Are there areas you need improvement?

What will the year 2017 be like?

2017 is a new beginning…are you geared up for greater achievements?
Set smart goals….break them down into monthly, weekly and even daily goals…
With determination, planning and good strategies you will succeed.

We at parentinggist would like to help you build that dream home you’ve always wanted.
We have new features lined up for you in the coming year…

Parent of the month

This a features a parent ( Dad or Mum) who will share their experiences of being a parent managing other life’s challenges


Parents, mom, or dad or child contest.
We would be having a monthly contest, we encourage you to participate and win fabulous prices.

Diary of a Naija Parent.( true life stories of naija parents)…
We would learn from stories of naija parents , it promises to be educative and informative.

Thank you for making our year 2016 a great one.

We hope that our 2017 will be awesome.
We look forward to your feedback, as we appreciate your comments, likes and shares.

Tell a friend about Parentinggist today.

Your are highly appreciated. What will the year 2017 be like?…. A year of thanksgiving? A successful year? what do you think it will be?

Have a prosperous new year 2017

Thank you for being part of the parentinggist family


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