9 Ways to mitigate car sickness for Children this Season


Car sickness in Children

Car sickness in children, Car sickness in toddlers, Cure for car sickness in children .

Handling car sickness for Children can be very bothersome especially when you plan to embark on a very long journey.

I’m sure you are already planning for the Christmas holidays with a lot of travelling plans. Do your kids experience car sickness? Don’t be discouraged from travelling with your children. Car sickness in children can be mitigated.
But then ,what exactly is Car Sickness?

According to medlineplus

“Your brain senses movement by getting signals from your inner ears, eyes, muscles, and joints. When it gets signals that do not match, you can get car (or motion) sickness. For example, if you are reading on your phone while riding a bus, your eyes are focused on something that is not moving, but your inner ear senses motion.”


Car sickness is a form of motion sickness. Motion sickness is commonly found in children and pregnant women.
Symptoms of Car Sickness in Children –
Once you have noticed that your child is having cold sweats or feeling queasy – suspect car sickness.

These cold sweats and queasy feeling can lead to dizziness, nausea and or vomiting.

Ways to Mitigate Car Sickness in Children.

  •  It is advisable that children look out into the distance rather than focus on reading or focusing on something while travelling.
  • To avoid reading while travelling, distract your children with other activities like listening to music, singing or storytelling.
  • This will help avoid car sickness by making sure the brain doesn’t receive conflicting signals.
  • Once you notice any abnormal feeling in your children like dizziness, you can stop for a while to allow them rest and calm down.
  • Taking a nap while feeling dizzy can help mitigate car sickness. So try and make the environment as conducive and comfortable as possible to encourage sleeping while in motion. Pillows aren’t a bad choice in the car , they could come in handy.
  • An airy environment is an excellent tonic for napping and sleeping. Allow the cool gentle breeze to blow or put on your car AC.
  • For the children prone to car sickness, ensure they don’t eat while travelling.
  • Your sitting position can affect whether you will have car sickness or not. Having the front or window seat is another way to help both the brain and body receive synchronized impulses of the motion experience.
  • Some parents go as far as getting medications for their children. Please ensure you seek your Doctor’s advice on this.

My son is always a victim of car sickness even within the shortest distance but happily, with some of these measures, we have been able to make car travel more pleasant for him .

I’m sure we are not alone in the struggle so kindly share how you’ve been able to manage car sickness in your children? Your experiences and tips could change a child’s life – let’s hear from you.



4 thoughts on “9 Ways to mitigate car sickness for Children this Season”

  1. Thanks darl. This is theory though. Practical thing to do is get add a little lime (no matter how little) to the child’s water, and even a sip of that solves the problem, or prevents it from starting.
    So the trick is to feed the child well before the motion sickness kicks in, because once the child takes some of the lime water, s/he looses appetite for food, and you definitely don’t want to keep the child hungry.

    1. Thanks Adaeze for sharing with us what has worked for you.
      Am sure I will try the lime water therapy the next we embark on a family journey

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