Our Parentinggist Parent of the Month- March 2017,An Online Entreprenur, the Virtual Summit Queen


Virtual Summit Queen, Online Entrepreneur

Virtual Summit Queen

On this Month’s edition of our parentinggist parent of the month, Our Guest is also a wife and mother.
A barrister, who became an online entreprenur ( i call her a guru).she is so good at what she is doing. She is the virtual Summit Queen

Hey Let’s unveil her identity.

Q….Let’s meet our guest.

A….Hello Everyone, My name is Osayi, and I am the Queen of Virtual Summits. A virtual Summit is an online event where you can attract speakers from anywhere in the world and audience members from anywhere in the world. This is especially beneficial for businesses who want to have access to international clients.

Q….What inspired you to become an online entrepreneur?

A….Well I wanted to spend more time with my family, but still be able to earn an income. Being an online entrepreneur seemed like it would give me more flexibility.

Q…. Being a work from home wife and Mom, what impact does it have on your home?

A….It can be challenging because it’s hard to separate between work time and home time, but it can be very rewarding because I get to create and set my own schedule.

Q….Have you ever been employed?

A….Yes I have been employed and I enjoyed my job, but I enjoy the flexibility of my own business a lot more.

Q….What’s the difference in being employed and being self employed?

A….The main difference is flexibility and the need for creativity in being self-employed, because you have to constantly think of ways to talk to more people, and make more money

Q…. Which do you prefer?

A…. I prefer working for myself – although with everything there are some advantages and disadvantages.

Q….What’s the darnest thing, your lovely princess has said or done to you?

A….My princess likes to call my husband honey, or call him by his first name. She thinks it’s hilarious.

Q….what’s your toughest parenting moment?

A…My daughter is strong-willed (like me), I know she will be a leader, but sometimes I just want her to do exactly what i want her to do, but she refuses. lol

Q….What advice do you have for some of our parents especially moms who would like to be self employed?

A….Well the first thing is realize that no skill is lost, so whatever you’re experiencing now learn as much as you can from it. Then figure out something you enjoy doing, and look for ways to monetize that thing. And of course don’t be afraid to invest in yourself and in learning how to be better. What you invest will always come back to you in a bigger way.

Thank you Osayi, our own virtual summit queen…you can follow and reach here on click Here
She helps working moms get more time for their homes.

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It’s totally free, grab the opportunity and empower yourself.



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