How to Use the Teacher’s Influence to Instill Discipline


Child's teacher's influence
A very recent experience with my little daughter got me seriously thinking and I came to one simple conclusion which

ran through my mind over and over again – “teachers have enormous influence on children”. Funnily enough, a lot of us tend to overlook or downplay this influence.

It’s a common experience that from time to time, children give parents a hard time while trying to send them to bed at night. This happens even when ground rules have been set and bedtime clearly established.

Each time your kids sleep late, be rest assured it’s going to be a tug of war trying to wake them up the next morning.You get to hear words like ‘Oh Mom, am still sleeping’ or  ‘leave me alone, its not yet morning’ and so on. These expressions are often accompanied by stretching, crying, grumpiness and so much unhappiness.

If the children sleep early, they wake early and are  more lively and refreshed but achieving this is sometimes not so easy (winks) so I got quite a surprise a few days back when found my daughter asleep some minutes after 8 p.m. This was after searching frantically through the house for her. I mean , 8-9 p.m. was the standard romping time.

Geeezzzz ….what happened? was she alright ?  Well……, she was. We had this situation simply because her  teacher told her and her classmates that their bed time is 8 p.m. Hmmm ! She obeyed her teacher’s instruction to the letter.

How to Make Wise Use of  the Teacher’s Influence.

Have you imagined how much influence your child’s teacher has on him/her? Whose name elicits compliance more? Yours or the teacher’s? Note that at the mention of the teacher’s name, most children fall automatically in line. Hence, the teacher’s name could function as a compliance tool  ( smiles , but please don’t over use it )

From my little experience , I was reminded of how great an influence teachers have on our kids… some may beg to differ but I know it is real. So as teachers( and parents too) , we ought to be mindful of what we tell them and how we instruct so as not to spend so much time and energy trying to correct errors that shouldn’t ever have been.

On a lighter side , you may want to use the teacher’s name to invoke compliance in case anyone is proving difficult but if that magic word loses its power, don’t come running to me ……………… hahahahahaha CIAO.


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