Tricks to Calm Parenting, Children Learn By Watching


Tricks to Calm Parenting, Children Learn By Watching

Parenting is something most parents feel should just be done.
It’s natural, you
don’t need to go to any school to be a good parent.

Children Learn by Watching 

Well that’s a good perception but believe you me, there are things you
need to learn in parenting. That’s if you really want to be a good parent.

Often times we don’t think before we act as parents. We react to the spur
of the moment without giving it a second thought.

There are times when we have the opportunity to think as parents before we
act but we immediately follow our instincts.


If we are are a little more patient, our instincts may change or re-direct us
to a more positive response.

Calm and effective parenting is one aspect of parenting most people feel is
hard. It’s not solely difficult but it starts with you.

The principles of good parenting is the same everywhere irrespective of
tribe, race and religion.

Approaching parenting with calmness helps you resolve a lot of parenting
challenges peacefully and makes you a better parent vis-a-vis raising
better children and better tomorrow’s parents.

Have you realised there were some traits you didn’t like in your parents as
a growing up child and you have vowed never to do same to your children?

But you have just found yourself exhibiting those characters now that you
are a parent. What happened? Kids learn by watching, you have
unconsciously learnt that’s the best way to handle those situations and now
they are showing like wild fire.

Carol is a mother of 4. She grew up in a middle class home. Her Mum was fond
of screaming, which she never liked as a child.

However she has never realized how much she is now screaming as a Mum of 4
until her 6-year old daughter sat her down and advised her to stop
screaming at her older children. Because she wouldn’t love to hear her
complain of headaches.

Like Carol, did you wait for someone to call to your attention before you
realised you are portraying a character you never liked as a child?

You can mitigate the character in your kids by adopting a calm approach to
parenting. Kids learn by watching.
“Monkey see, Monkey Do”

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calm parent.

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