The Parents’ Pledge


parents pledge

As a single person, you are basically responsible for only yourself, your upkeep, your life…

.there is a lot of ‘me’ words existing in your vocabulary.

When you have a child, that definitely changes. The responsibility you feel towards your spouse is nothing compared to what you should have towards your biological children or wards.

Permit me to go ‘Christian’ on you. The bible says

‘train the child in the way he should go, and he will not depart from it’.

That means you are already given an instruction to be that child’s GUIDE.

You know your children always look up to you for answers and directions. Mimicking your actions, repeating the words spoken to them, your personal mirrors. They are a reflection of the upbringing they have been exposed to and how they were led.

Do you need reminding that you have a responsibility to them?

Whatever way you choose to instruct your child moulds them into the adult they become.

There exist different instances where a person’s behaviour is traced to the upbringing they had and how their parents ‘taught’ them to behave.

‘A tree does not fall far from the fruit’

Birthing a child doesn’t end the matter, you have to lead, train, direct, mould, instruct, correct etc.

You must take care of their mental as well as physical needs. Putting food on the table isn’t all a parent is meant for. Help them be the best they can be and societally acceptable.

Whatever is wrong is wrong. You can’t sugarcoat things. How best to bring them up and discipline them is a charge for you.

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A recent example is the Miss Anambra lesbianism saga in the news now. I know you have read or heard or got a rift of this news, how a video of her in sexual act with her personal PA got leaked which lead to a spiral of denials and more sex video releases and her eventual loss of pageant title.

A Catholic Nun condemned the act stating the role of parents in this matter

For her (and I agree) parents should teach children right from wrong and guide their wards so they grow up in the right way.

These acts are not normal and should not be regarded as acceptable. Many parties, radio shows and the pageant organizers have also disassociated themselves from the Miss Anambra and the story surrounding her. Wow!

‘Charity begins at Home.

A child first learns what is acceptable and morals form the home, even when they bring home bad habits, you correct them immediately, don’t leave it to the teachers or helps or neighbors on the street.

In the end, it still finds its way back to you!

Let the good reign, let the best shine out, let our children be pillars and sources of reference in the society.

Words are not enough, take action and take it now!

Take this parents pledge with me

  • I promise to love my child
  • To teach and to instruct
  • To uphold the good in them
  • To help them shine bright
  • I pledge to almighty God, to the society and to my child!

Let’s trace our roots back to the family… Our home, our origin



5 thoughts on “The Parents’ Pledge”

  1. I also pledge too.
    We sow seeds every day into the lives of our children and sooner or later, the fruits will be manifest for all to see.
    May I receive blessings and not curses on that day as a mother/parent.
    Thanks for this reminder. Off to share this.
    Have a great day

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