Should I Talk to my Child about Death?


Should I Talk to My Child About Death? When should I talk to my child about Death? How do I talk to my Child about Death? What Age should I talk to my child about Death?

should I talk to my child about death?

Death is a topic most parents try to avoid. I understand ! – Death isn’t something wonderful

to talk about but it is inevitable. So you ve got no choice than to, talk about it.

As a student, the first time i was taught the topic “Probability”- my teacher said the probability that an ‘even’ will occur is “‘1” and a very good example is death.

I was shocked ! After a deep thought – I realized it was true . We must die, So why shy away from the topic when your little one asks.

You must have to look for a way to talk about it , in a manner your little one will understand- for his age.

The kids talk about death , they play about it , they watch movies so death shouldn’t be considered forbidden to talk about.

For Simplicity , try to use simple plain language to make understanding easier for your little one(s) . Do not hide the truth from your little ones.

A few weeks back while my little daughter was playing with me, she took a paper folded it like a gun , pointed it at me, saying “‘mummy die”‘

Waooo!for me it was a good opportunity to talk to her about death and give her the right view of what death .

I said if mummy dies, you wont see her again.Do you still want to see mummy?She replied -Yes I still want to see Mummy.

When one dies, you are laid to rest in the ground – the ground will open its mouth and swallow won’t see them again but their memories will live on .

Talking to her helped shapen her views about death in a child’s way.
When one dies you are laid to rest in the ground – the ground will open its mouth and swallow you.

As the kids grow older, they will understand better what exactly death is.

At the same time I reminded my daughter of an aunt we lost , whom she has been asking after and always wanted to visit.I was able to illustrate to her that the big aunt has entered into the ground and when next we visit her house, she won’t be there.

She repeated it again – we won’t see her again..

In all, talking to your little one about death in a simple plain language and assuring them they are safe , death is not contagious , not forgetting that you won’t see the person again but memories will last forever, will make them have a clear idea of what death is.

It won’t scare them.

What’s your take ?

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