Are you raising an Overly Sheltered Child ?


Overly Sheltered Child

Raising an Overly Sheltered Child?

As parents we worry a lot,  we always want the best for our children.


No wonder, we don’t want them to experience any frustration or difficult moment.


Some people will say

” my children will never experience what I  experienced as a child. “

Fine that’s great,  there are some of our horrible childhood experiences we wouldn’t wants our kids to have.


But some of these experiences we tag as horrible made us who we are today.


Is it okay for my child to cry?

As a mother,  I won’t like to see my child crying but sometimes occasion warrants it.

It’s okay for a child to be sad sometimes  but how do we address the challenge?

Do we sit down and play the blame game?

Allowing them to pass through this phase will help build the child’s confidence.

Also it will prepare the child to face real life challenges as he grows older.

What type of mentality do You instil in your children?


Instilling fear in your child will cause you more harm than good.


It is fine to instill discipline but too much of everything is bad.

Do the right thing at right time.

Instill the right attitude in your child,  a positive , can-do attitude.


In real life there are lots of challenges,  when we expose our kids to these knowledge.. They will be better informed and prepared to face life’s challenges.


Do you solve your child’s problems for him?


We want our kids to be happy,  Live without challenges, solving their problems for them isn’t the right thing,  sometimes allow the child to figure it out.

You’re breeding a better man by doing so.

Teach a child how to fish and you have fed him for life.

Are you overprotective?

Some forms of protection for the child isn’t necessary.

Over policing of your child won’t help either of you.


Rather figure out what your child likes and the best way around it.


Do you avoid discussing certain topics with  your child?


It is better for the child to gain knowledge of certain topics at home first than learning from their peers.

When is the right time to talk to your child about sex?

If you feel you’re protecting your child…that’s not true.  You might just be raising an overly sheltered child unknowingly.


Now that you are well informed,  you can still do it right.


2 thoughts on “Are you raising an Overly Sheltered Child ?”

  1. Very interesting. Good one and quite educating. I wish every parent and would be parent will read and digest this. Thank you the writer.

    1. Thanks Chris, we hope so too that every parent would read this. To help achieve this aim, Kindly share post with every parent you know….

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