The Best Ways to protect your child from sexual harassment



Sexual harassment has reached a level of concern that we can no longer ignore. There is an urgent need to create awareness on this menace.

When a child knows that his/her voice will be heard and taken seriously, it gives him/her the courage to speak up when something isn’t right.


Some parents that work 8-5 jobs

give custody of their child to family friends, relatives or family members because of the nature of their jobs, and barely have time for their kids.



    Tolu was barely 7 years old when She was sexually harassed by 23 years old Bola, her aunt. Tolu’s mother leaves for work early in the morning on weekdays while her dad is barely home because of the nature of his work.

    Bola was to baby-sit her until her mother returned from work in the evening. She would touch her in sensitive parts of her body and say horrible things to her that made her feel ugly about herself.

Unfortunately, she never told her mother about this. She really didn’t know how to report all these to my mother.

Tolu was psychologically affected as a child while growing up. Her parents were not always around. At age 12, she saw nothing wrong in the act of her touching herself and her female friends even without their consent. Her childhood experience with Bola must have twisted her mentality.

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 Ways you can prevent your child from sexual harassment

    Teaching your child about boundaries: Teach your child about boundaries. Let your child know that nobody has the right to touch them in any part of their body, even family members.

Also make them understand that they have no right to touch anybody without their permission.

   Let your child know their body parts: It is important to teach your child the names of their body parts in an early age, for this will enable your child to come to you when something is wrong.

   Always create time to talk to your child: No matter how busy your work life is, it is important to make time to speak to your child.

Make them feel comfortable to come to you if someone is saying things or doing things that make them feel uncomfortable.

  Make your child feel free to tell you anything: Constantly remind them that they can tell your anything and won’t get into trouble or face any sort of punishment for speaking up.

 Give your child the room to ask questions and to bring up any topic.


What is your take on this as a parent?




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