Profitable Businesses for Nigerian Parents , Who want to Earn Passive Income in 2018


Profitable Businesses for Nigerian Parents, Profitable Business Ideas in Nigeria, Profitable Business Ideas in Lagos.

Profitable Businesses for Nigerian Parents,  who want to earn Passive income in 2018.

Profitable Businesses for Nigerian Parents

Times are hard,  there is change. “Change is the most common and popular word for almost every  common man in Nigeria today.

The Nigerian parents are not left out.

The costs of almost every item has increased in a geometric progression.

School fees is the worst,  school owners also need to meet up with the increasing prices.

These are suitable business good for Nigerian parents who wish to increase their income and at least meet up with their family’s needs.

1. Affiliate Marketing 

This is a very cool way of making passive income.  Parents can embrace this option even without prior knowledge. All you need to do is research on a product available for sale and encourage people to purchase it through your affiliate marketing link.
Companies like jumia and konga offers opportunities for people who want to join their  affiliate marketing programs.

2. Personal Shopping

Most working class parents even singles are too busy to shop for themselves. Maximize this opportunity if you have your time to yourself. Do their shopping and you earn a pay for it.

3. Baking 

Baking is a very lucrative business for parents who wish to earn  passive income.  Baking isn’t just for moms alone,  men who love to bake can take it up as a career. Although it is a very nice option for stay at home moms.
You can make a  living from baking,  just love what you do.

4. Sale of Food Stuff 

Food stuff business is a good business anytime any day. People will continue to eat and they need to buy the food.
So if you really need a second option for income,  put shame aside,  do your research and trade on food stuff.

5. Tailoring 

Just like food stuff,  Tailoring is another lucrative business good for Nigerian parents. Nigerians will always love fashion and new fashion trends will come up everyday.
You can do it yourself or get tailors to sew for you.

6. Day Care Services 

Each day working moms are saddled with the responsibility of how to take care of their kids while they are at work.
If you love taking care of children,  you can utilize this opportunity.  Start with family and friends and grow gradually.  Parents are always happier and more productive when they know their children are in safe hands.

7. Event planning

Are you gifted in organizing events? . Then this is for you.  Help people plan their events from start to finish,  ensure what they want are well executed.
You can start small by helping a friend or family member organize their event.

8. Organic Soap and Cream Making

This is one of the lucrative business for Nigerian parents in vogue at the moment.  Learn how to make good organic soap and cream use the power of social media and you are a star.

9. Coaching

What are you good at doing?
Can you do research?
You can start a coaching service with what you are good at doing and earn a living.
Research can help you too to become a master in your chosen field. You can research on fitness and health.. Become a fitness coach especially now that people have gradually become aware of the need to be fit and healthy.


You can find every resource you need online. You can utilize this opportunity.  That stuff you know how to do very well,  you can package it into online courses and it will earn you passive income for life. People will buy your E-Courses while you’re asleep.

11. Jewelry and Accessories Making /Sales

As long as it is fashion,  Nigerians are there. You can trendy jewellery and accessories and sell online. Most Nigerian parents can utilize online as a medium of selling their products. You don’t need a physical store.. Which will attract more cost to you.

12. Virtual Assistant
Most business owners need assistance in running their businesses. In order to reduce associated costs of running a business,  they hire virtual assistants, who work from home online to assist them.

Admin needs a virtual assistant,  you can use the contact form to reach us.

Tour Guide

As tourism takes a better dimension in our country. You can serve as an online tour guide to tourists coming to the country.  This affords you the opportunity to earn additional passive income.

There are a  whole lot of lucrative businesses good for Nigerian parents,  you need to find out what you can do,  improve your knowledge on it and earn a living from it.

This is just the opinion of the admin.
What is your own opinion?


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