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Our maiden edition of parentinggist parent of the month is here .

Emeka Nobis
Guess who our guest is ?

A talented writer, coach, speaker and thought leader.
He left his white collar job just to embrace his dreams of writing and being a good husband and father.

He is Emeka Nobis… Hear from him- his inspiring story, his greatest parenting challenge, hope for the aspiring entrepreneurs, how he balances work and family life.

Q…As a writer, coach and speaker …how do you cope with your God given roles of being a father and husband?

A…It’s not really an easy role.

At some points I feel guilty that I’m not able to create a balance, especially when my fatherly disposition makes me work hard to earn in order to take care of the family.

However, I have an understanding wife who supports my strides.

We have times for bonding, especially when we watch Telemundo series together. Click To Tweet


In all, God’s grace gives the strength to continually work at maintaining the balance.


Q…You were once an employee , how does it feel being an entrepreneur? Do you now have more time for your family?

A..It feels so exciting.

What I admire is my freedom to create and do what gives my heart joy. I have the liberty to work with the clients I desire and love to work with.

Yea, I have time for family now. I wake to see my family and be with them before I commence work. I take my son to school on some days and I love the look in his eyes when I pick him from school. It kinda tells me, “Daddy cares for me.” It’s a beautiful feeling.

Yes, sometimes, work can take me away, but when I’m with them, it’s such a joy.

Q…Talking about school, I love that feeling too of “Daddy cares for me”, what do you look out for in choosing a school for your child?

A…Well, the school he attends has teachers who truly care.


I want a school where the teachers don't kill my child's confidence with uncouth words because they're teaching. Click To Tweet

We asked around and many recommended where he is now.

I don’t believe his intellect is developed by all they teach. We do our own bit to teach him at home.

Q..What’s the darnest thing your kid(s) have said to you?


Q..What's the darnest thing your kid(s) have said to you? Click To TweetEmeka Nobis

A..My son is always spilling stuff.

The day I almost tipped over was when I told him not to drink water in church because he was playing with his water bottle. I told him that if he drank water, his tummy will grow big and burst.

It wasn’t up to 20 minutes and we were leaving the church. He saw a pregnant woman and said, “You drink too much water. Your belle will burst.”

Q…What’s your toughest parenting moment so far?

A..Teaching my kids how to speak Igbo Language

Q..What’s your advice for parents struggling to leave the “white collar job” and become entrepreneurs, because they want to have more time for the family?

A…I’ll advise them to hire a coach to help them to effectively plan their transition so that they can smoothly move from paid employment to the lane of entrepreneurship.
It’s one of the services I offer.

This was our awesome interview with Emeka Nobis, sharing his thoughts and experiences that parenting has taught him.

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