Should Your Kids Skip Breakfast?


Should your Kids skip breakfast?


kids skip breakfast

Various studies have shown that breakfast is the most important meal for the day

especially for kids as their bodies are still in need of lots of nutrients for maximum mental and physical growth. Skipping breakfast might not really be a good idea.

Breakfast is important as it stimulates processes which can help fire up the brain for the day as usually, the last meal would have been over 10hours ago and the body may be suffering from deprivation.

A healthy breakfast gives your child energy to kickstart the day.

“A regular breakfast is part of a healthy diet, which in turn has traditionally been considered an important factor in a healthy lifestyle. Breakfast contributes to the quality and quantity of a person’s daily dietary intake, and breakfast skipping has been linked to inadequate dietary nutrition in several studies. Breakfast skipping also influences cognition and learning and consequently may impact on adolescents’ capacity to take advantage of learning opportunities provided by schools and families”, states a health behavioral report by university of Edinburgh on behalf of the World Health Organization.

“A hungry man is an angry man”… Like the saying goes, if you take your hungry child to school , you are invariably taking an angry child to school.

Will an angry child listen to the teacher?
When kids skip breakfast, it affects the learning and understand skills/ abilities. Assimilation is slow or almost non existent.
An angry child will find it difficult to concentrate on lessons being taught by the teacher.

Giving your child a healthy breakfast is your responsibility as a parent. When kids eat breakfast at home, it also ensures that your child is less likely to binge on sugary or unhealthy junk food or snacks inbetween. They will be glad to eat whatever mummy or daddy has packed for lunch for them when the time comes.

A friend shared this with me, he said he realised his kids skip breakfast every week day because they join the school bus at 6.10 a.m. They get to eat in between 9.30 and 10 a.m.

They (2 kids) were always complaining of headache when they get to school.
He tried to remedy it by ensuring they take at least a cup of beverage and a slice of bread before they rush off for the school bus.

Every meal is important irrespective of the quantity. Kids can eat in small portions rather than skip meals so that at least, there’s something in the tummy.

Are you confused and faced with the challenge of choosing what to feed your kids with? Or you desire healthy lunch box ideas for your kids? Mail us for a healthy lunch box idea tailored to meet you and your child’s feeding needs.

Remember a healthy breakfast puts your child in the front of a healthy day.

Source:breakfast is good


4 thoughts on “Should Your Kids Skip Breakfast?”

  1. No children shouldn’t skip breakfast. I always make sure mine eat no matter how early I leave the house. Thank God for my hubby who helps me too!
    So not only should they eat, they should eat healthy. Thanks!

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