Is Your Toddler Getting Enough Nutrients?


Enough Nutrients, What happens when your toddler is not getting enough nutrients?

toddlers getting enough nutrientsHaving kids especially toddlers can be challenging especially when you have picky eaters. When you have to think and contemplate if they are actually getting enough nutrients from the tiny amount of food they eat.

You can imagine when your toddler feeds basically on tea all day long. Some just feed on biscuits or bread alone.

This is a dilemma for most parents. I had so many sleepless nights when one of my kids at her toddler stage was drinking only tea.

I lost weight. I believe I was not in that situation alone. Most parents face similar challenge today.

Were you worried like me that your toddler was not getting enough nutrients to develop and strive? Or Are you still worried?

At some point I began to think of getting food supplements for her ….was I right?

Not to worry because most foods found for toddler are already vitamin fortified- the tasty drinks they take all contain enough vitamins to support their tiny bodies.

Sooner than I was almost becoming extinct of worries my little toddler began to eat different varieties of food although in little quantities. But that was enough to cure my amnesia stress.

There is and should be a cause for alarm when you actually notice your toddler isn’t growing at the right step. For instance if your toddler isn’t meeting milestones at the right time, there might be other factors responsible for this.

To be on a safe side, kindly consult your child’s pediatrician or nutritionist.

A quick visit to either of these will help calm your fears.

If you are facing a similar challenge, your toddler will soon overcome it. Have you faced such challenge as a parent? How did you overcome it?


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