5 Ways to Survive Parenting During the Holidays


How to Survive Parenting, How to Survive parenting as a Single parent

how to survive parenting during the holidays
How a mother is surviving parenting this holidays

Everyone enjoys the holidays. Being a working Mother, I usually look forward to the holidays. But Surviving parenting during the holidays is a true test of your parenting skills.

While you feel the holidays is a time to rest as a working parent, the kids feel it’s a time to showcase their baggage of tantrums.

Throwing tantrums is synonymous to kids, so it’s part of growing up.

My 4-year old would say

” I love the Christmas holidays because I will visit Grandma and I have enough sand to play with “

Anything I remember this is one of her ideas about enjoying the Christmas holidays, am in soup because my laundry is going to double.

I have got 5 ways I survive parenting during the holidays.

Maintain Calmness
Being calm in the midst of chaos is a virtue for every parent. You have to be patient and do not show signs of worry.
If you child realises you are worried, he will keep on doing that which worries you.
When you are calm, it becomes difficult for the child to predict you.

Do it Right

Rules must be made. There are certain things you must set right – no emotions attached. For you to do it right, you must be firm and not clouded by emotions.
When your child knows the consequence of an action, he will avoid it. Try as much as possible to implement your consequences else it becomes a mere threat.

Do not be Carried away by the merriment of the Season.

Spending quality time with your family can help you survive parenting during the festive period. Make the family a special meal, eat together, play together and even watch family movie.
This will help everyone maintain their calmness.
You mustn’t honour every party invite you have this festive season rather create more family times this period.

Good and Healthy Food

While you spend quality time with your family, feed them with balanced diets. This will boost their immune system, make the kids energetic and be happier.
The body needs good food to survive.

Learn to Schedule Family Indoor Activities.

Going out always can be fun but you need to schedule family indoor activities. This will improve the bond between parents and their kids.
You can okay games like cards, ludo game etc

To survive parenting during the holidays, you don’t need to search far, these 5 ways will go a long way in helping conquer parenting worries.

How else have you survived parenting during the holidays?

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