Dealing With Your Child’s Homework


dealing with homework

Dealing with your Child’s Homework

Homework can be very challenging, especially for high-energy children

who have a hard time sitting still at school, much less at home.

As a parent, you may find yourself at a loss as to how you can help your children cope with their homework challenges. Here are some tips that may help.
Schedule homework time

When they are back from school and have rested, you could pick a time for them to complete their homework. You mustn’t necessarily be present, whoever is the caregiver knows to sit with them and do the class assignments and homework at a given time. This will become natural for your children

Quiet Time.
Homework/academic time should be free from noisy distractions if at all possible. Don’t settle down with homework assignments near the telephone, television, or computer, for instance (unless the homework assignment requires the computer). Some music is okay, especially if it helps filter out more distractions, such as loud siblings. Just make sure the music is not distracting itself.

Quiet Place.
Choose a special place for homework. Your child may come to look forward to settling down in cozy, customized area of the house. Please avoid distractions, you can set up the area to have comfy chairs or cushions, a special desk or table, etc.

Check the homework
Don’t leave everything for your spouse or the house help, check the homework when you get back or when you are free to ensure they have been done right and completed. I check my boy’s homework when I get home even when whoever I leave them for assures me it has been done; I still go into the back, take the books out, check and sign them. That way you are sure they were done.

Help out.
Some assignments need parental guidance, a little nudge and pointers. Most especially for the younger children. Help them identify the right way to do their assignments, suggest methods that are educational and easy to remember. I didn’t say hold the child’s hand, but guide them and help them do it right. Although you can hold the child’s hand depending on the age.

In essence every child needs to know you are involved in their academics and education.
Spur them on and make them responsible by ensuring they carry out their homework and assignment every day. They are our little soldiers!
I’m so lucky my son loves to do his homework, he would even remind you. He will run and get his books or tell you he has been guided and it’s all completed.

You can make the homework time fun by asking questions and giving practical examples…like the arithmetic example where you can ask, take away 3 akara from 4 akara balls, what do you have left?’ (Please the answer isn’t groundnut oil ooo).
This will improve your child’s reading habit too.
School is important; so is the homework!



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