How to Create a Stress Free School Morning


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stress free school morning
Have you ever imagined the great effect your morning routine has on your daily mood?

Often times most parents start their week days in a zigzag manner trying to get the kids ready for school.

Getting kids ready for school can be tiring especially if necessary and adequate preparation were not made earlier.

School mornings can be very hectic for me , running from the kitchen to the bathroom to the car.

One ends up looking tired for the first few minutes of arriving at the office.
This might end up spoiling your entire day.

My kids are still little , they can help out with little or nothing .
Your kids might be grown already so you can get some help from them…lucky you.

But I found a way to reduce the school mornings rush and stress.
You can have better organised school mornings ,  it’s all about the planning.

To have a stress-free school morning, you just have to find a strategy that works for your home.

Each home is different and unique, there’s no one size fits all strategy.
kindly observe and adopt the strategies that work best for you.

Here are the steps I took in achieving a stress free school morning.

The Weekend Before a New Week

Before a new week begins, over the weekend, make plans for the new week.

Write up Lunch box Ideas for the Week as planning this helps you keep sane during the week ,as you already know what to make and you don’t need to worry your head.

Having a plan of the lunch box already available ,helps you in shopping and stocking the pantry.

You won’t need to buy what you don’t need and you won’t lack what you need.

For busy parents who might find it difficult to plan for the week’s lunch box ideas, we have made it easy for you….you can order for your lunch box ideas here, complete the form below.

We have different plans, one week lunch box ideas, two weeks lunch box ideas and a four weeks lunch box ideas.

It is cheap and affordable, ease yourself of stress and enjoy a chaos free school morning.

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Get the Uniforms Ready.

Ensure that the uniforms are already washed and ironed for the week.

If you have a week stock of uniform for the kids, get them ready over the weekend. Well ironed and hanged at the right location where you would easily pick them up to dress the kids or for older kids where it is easily accessible to them.

If you need to wash every other day, in cases where you don’t have enough stock for the week, ensure it is washed on time and ironed a night before the morning it will be used.

Once I have the uniforms, shoes and stockings set ….I sleep better the night before, being rest assured that everything is in order.

When kids have their bath at night, it makes bathing the next morning easier because they just have their bathe and sleep off, so less dirt. This saves time when bathing them in the morning for school.

The School Morning.

Having a  routine chart of what to do and when to do them helps you have a chaos free school morning.
Once am left with the kids alone without any form of help, I take my bathe first before waking the kids up.

They must wake up not later than an hour before our departure time, else that’s the first way to get a crazy morning.

When the kids know that there is a routine;from the bed to prayers to the bathroom etc, they become aquinted with their morning routine and will even remind you when you skip any step.

For older kids who might need to do one or two  morning chores, having a chart printed out and placed where it is visible like the refrigerator, will help everyone have a  chaos free school morning.

Once we already have a routine which we follow, everything falls into place and we see ourselves leaving home almost at the same time everyday without much stress.

So how have you helped yourself enjoy a chaos free school morning?


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