When Should Your Child Start Assisting in House chores?


Child Start assisting in House chores

When Should Your Child Start Assisting in House Chores? House Chores, Age Appropriate House Chores for Kids.

As I walked home that fateful evening, I pondered in my heart, all that had happened last night.

My 5 year old daughter challenged my authority at home and I didn’t see it coming.

It was 7 p.m and I was busy trying to prepare dinner with my house help. That morning, before leaving for work, I had left a to-do list for her, in preparation for cooking that evening, and she checked all the items on the list.

Since it was rather late, we hurriedly prepared dinner. I am a firm believer in timely meals. The children should have dinner early enough for proper digestion. “Early to bed, early to rise.”

The shocker was my daughter wanting to join in the preparation as well. I refused insisting that she was still a baby and that the kitchen is no place for little girls.

She kept nagging me, “Mom I am a big girl, I am 5 years old”.

It got me upset, so I grounded her in her room as soon sort of punishment.

Soon, dinner was ready. Everyone eat and my house help and I cleaned after them.

The next day, as I walked home in the evening, I had some querying thoughts:

Who was right? My daughter or I?
Am I helping her by sending her away from the kitchen?
Is she still too young to be in the kitchen?
What is the right age for a child to start assisting in the kitchen?
Is the kitchen meant only for female children or both sex?

When I got home that evening, I had an honest discussion with my spouse.

In Parenting, having an understanding spouse is one of the keys to successful Parenting.

We both came to a logical conclusion that there is no stated age for a child to start assisting and observing what is happening in the kitchen.

However as soon as the child is old enough to observe safety measures in the kitchen.. You are good to go.

The kitchen is not meant for only female children but rather every child.

That night my daughter was glad when she was called to assist in the kitchen, with dinner preparation.

She was right. But at the end we were all happy. Your child might be right sometimes but how you respond or react to the situation determines the outcome.

When she grows up, she will remember what Mum said that fateful evening.


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