What to do, When Your Child says “Am Scared”


Child says am scared
Children get scared sometimes.. This might be as a result of what they see or hear. When your child says am scared, what do you do?

Except your family lives in total isolation, your children will have these experiences at some point in life.

This is a regular occurrence among kids especially between the ages of 2 and 7.

After your child watches a horror cartoon and he runs to you …Mom,Hug me , am scared!

What do you do? Do you scare him more? Or you just cuddle him and say “honey” you’re safe!

After Sussan, a 5 year old watched an interesting but horror movie, she quickly ran to her mother …”Mom , Mom…am scared, am I going to die young?

This sounds absurd, but it’s not.

So whenever your child says Mom , Dad , “am scared”…. Here’s what to say or do;

1. Communicate with your kids in a clear language that is both understandable by both parties.

Since communication is incomplete without a feedback ,always ensure you find a way to breakdown the event into a language that is easy to understand by your kid/ kids.

When I have such an conflict at home, I try to break it down into tiny little information… In such a way everyone understands what’s going on.

From the response from your kid, you will know if you have been able to calm their fears

2. Assure and re assure them they are fine.

You just watched the local TV station with your kids and a scene of a bomb blast was part of the news headline.

Your kids began to sob, assure them that the government is doing all they can to get the culprits and they will be punished appropriately.

If these victims need charity, you can be part of it and let your kids know they can help out by being charitable to these people.

Let them realise these are life’s realities but they can be overcome.
Above all God’s love and mercy endures forever.

How have you handled this scenario in your home?


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