Will you pay your child for doing house chores?


child doing house chores

A few weeks back, I ran into Ada an old friend, who I hadn’t seen in years, we caught up on life in general and dribbled into the area of parenting.

In the course of our conversation, she mentioned how she pays her 6- year old to do house chores.

Do you feel it is still necessary to pay your child for doing house chores even after you have provided him with his basic necessities?

Every parent had a reason behind his/ her decision whether or not to pay their children for doing house chores.

This question was thrown open on our BBM channel  some of the reactions we got include.

“I can never pay my child for helping me with house chores, I can’t compensate with gifts”.

Says Kemi, a mother.

Ajike says

“I think the rational behind this action is teaching or grooming the child on the dignity of labour. I know someone who does it.¬† It’s kinda a motivation, not the money, but the act!!
The child will know there is a reward for hard work. Even though I don’t think she should limit the payment to just money, other things can be included!!”

Some other parents are of the opinion that they will not pay their children for doing house chores but rather it is a way of teaching them how to take responsibility.

Both parties have a genuine reason .
Like Ajike , I think giving them rewards and incentives as a way of encouraging them to do more isn’t a bad option .

Like the other parents, teaching your kids to do house chores without paying them is teaching them to take responsibility.
It can also be a form of discipline. Some cultures don’t accept kids watching their parents do all house chores while others do

Another parent asked if I start paying my child at age 5 to do chores , how long am I going to pay him?

Most parents “pay” and save this money for the kids. So it can be used as an incentive to work as well as a means of saving for the child .

As a Mom I give incentives from time to time not always. Giving incentives once in a while is encouraging for the child to do more.

But when giving incentives becomes the only condition for the child to do house chores, then there is a problem.

Give your child incentives, encourage them to do house chores but don’t over so it.
In all, what works for A might not work for B. Figure out what best works for your kids and adopt.


4 thoughts on “Will you pay your child for doing house chores?”

  1. Incentives I agree but pay to do house chores ? nay.Once you begin paying for chores be ready to pay them to eat.
    I also encourage the use of incentives to get children to read

  2. Will the child also pay me for sending him/ her to school, oops, it’s my responsibility right? Yeah, so it is the responsibility of the child to do house chores. No payment, that’s all

    1. Hey Emmanuel, don’t you think sometimes they need encouragement in the form of incentives?
      Thanks for your contribution, it’s an eye opener.

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