Everything Is Not a Toy for Your Child

Cecilia was trying to finish typing her report on the laptop and send it to her boss before her deadline expired. Beside her was Bobo, her two-year old son crying and demanding Cecilia’s Samsung phone to play with. The woman didn’t want ‘disturbance’, so she gave her phone to Bobo.

Minutes later, she heard a smashing noise; Bobo had hit the phone on the tiles. The screen shattered.


The Entitled Child

So I was in a mall last week, trying to decide which affordable toy to get for my neighbour’s child (whom I had promised to get a toy for if he recorded high scores in his school tests), when I noticed a child and his mother walk into the same toy section where I was. They moved behind me, next to another woman with her daughter standing opposite me, choosing items from the shelf. 

I was still trying to choose between a plastic ball and an inflated bear when I heard noises behind me; the boy –who had just walked in with his mother—was protesting and throwing tantrums that he wanted a blue toy obviously already picked by the girl who had been standing close to the shelf with her mother. There were many toys on the shelf, clearly, but the boy (about five years or so) apparently wanted the one already chosen by the girl. I was going to shake my head at the hilarious childish outburst and then proceed to the counter when I got the shock of my life.


Do You want to Learn how to be Organised at Home?

Every month, we bring you an exciting story of a parent to inspire you on your parenting journey. Do you want to learn how to be organised at home?
Parenting is a continuous process, a job without the option of resignation so yoi just have to be organised at home.

This month, let’s meet our guest, a wife , a mother and a ddeclutering and organising specialist .

How to be Organised at Home

Here’s our chat with her


Meet Our Parent of the Month.. A Mom Fashionpreneur

It is my pleasure to bring you this edition of parentinggist parent of the month,  guess what?  She is an amazing woman,  a mompreneur,a fashionpreneur who left the lucrative financial sector to pursue her dreams in fashion.

Njideka Eboji is the founder of House of Dema,  a fashion outfit that caters for all your fashion needs even when you are a very busy woman. They’ve got you covered.


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How to Clean, Store and take Good Care of Kids Toys

How to Clean kids toys, how to Clean kids toys with batteries, how to Clean kids toys with vinegar or chlorine bleach.

Clean Kids Toys
It is still very fresh in my memory, walking into a family friend’s house recently and my toddler hurriedly rushed to the box of kids toys which was somehow hidden at a corner of the kitchen.

My friend quickly rushed to remove the box and was my telling my kiddo not to touch them because they were very dirty. (more…)