what age should your child start writing

At What Age Should your child start Writing?

At what age should your child start writing?

This is one of those questions that almost every parent is looking for answers to.

Bisi and Biodun  were married for 8 years before having their only child Bayo.
Bayo is now 4 – years old and already in Nursery One.

Sometimes the pre- school system is so crazy that a child might have attended school for close to 4 years before eventually starting basic One.

One day Mrs Olisa, Bayo’s new class teacher called BIsi to complain of Bayo’s inability to write like other children in her class.


Do You want to Learn how to be Organised at Home?

Every month, we bring you an exciting story of a parent to inspire you on your parenting journey. Do you want to learn how to be organised at home?
Parenting is a continuous process, a job without the option of resignation so yoi just have to be organised at home.

This month, let’s meet our guest, a wife , a mother and a ddeclutering and organising specialist .

How to be Organised at Home

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Does Screaming at your Child make him Repentant?

Does Screaming at your child make him repentant?parental Discipline
Does Screaming at your child make him repentant?
Discipline in parenting is always a difficult challenge anytime any day because there is no hard and fast rule to it.

What works for child A might not work for child B. Every child is different and unique.

Does Screaming at your child make him repentant?

When this question was posted on our social media platforms, (more…)