How to Be The Best Parent this Christmas


We have Christmas around the corner – just a couple of days to go.

Have you finished your Christmas shopping or you are still thinking of what to shop for or what not to shop for?

Christmas is a time of giving – can you remember the famous story of santa claus ? Have you told your kids the story this season?

A couple of days back, I was startled, when I got home and my 5-year old began to narrate the story of saint Nicholas (Santa Claus ) to me.

How blessed I am, and she asked what are we shopping for others or are we going to pack a dish of coins to the poor? 

Here are gift ideas for you,  you can be the best parent this Christmas. 


Best parent this Christmas

There are a lot of interesting books your kids havnt read and will be glad to do so this season. Inspirational books for kids, religious books for kids – you need to help them develop the skill of reading – knowledge is power.

Pick some favourite books for kids here

Children’s Books


Best parent this Christmas

Everyone needs fashion – kids do too. Help your kids develop a cool sense of fashion by starting early .

Give them a gift of a fashionable attire this season .

Pick trendy but decent wears here

Trendy Wears

and turn your kiddo to a fashionista this season


Best parent this Christmas

Educational toys help kids develop certain skills – both social and moral skills. Giving them a gift of an educational toy isn’t just about playing but it helps them in developing different skills.

Musical and stackable toys is a good option for babies and toddlers while building blocks is great for your older kids.

You can be the best parent this Christmas

Have your kids play, have fun and learn this Christmas 


Best parent this Christmas

Most kids like art attack, develop their skills by giving them gift of art materials .turn your kid into an artist and watch him grow cheerfully.

Art materials can be bought he

Art Material Store

Don’t just allow the kids shop for themselves alone- remind them to shop for the needy and less privileged in your community.


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