10 Great Parenting Tips That Work

Parenting Tips That Work

parenting tips that work

Every parent has their methods of raising their children, some work, some are passive, and some are outright non-replicable.

I know for a fact no parent likes being told how to bring up their children, it’s natural to become defensive once you are corrected on your parenting tactics. (more…)

When Parents Compare Children

My Child is Better than Yours (When Parents Compare Children)

When Parents Compare Children

When your baby(child) reaches certain milestones in their lives, it’s only natural for parents to be ecstatic. It shows some progress of the child towards growth/independency.


Doing so at an even ‘faster’ pace than some of his peers may give the parent the subtle feeling that at least she is doing ‘something right’ . Sometimes, consciously or unconsciously, get the vibe that her baby/child is superior to the others.