what age should your child start writing

At What Age Should your child start Writing?

At what age should your child start writing?

This is one of those questions that almost every parent is looking for answers to.

Bisi and Biodun  were married for 8 years before having their only child Bayo.
Bayo is now 4 – years old and already in Nursery One.

Sometimes the pre- school system is so crazy that a child might have attended school for close to 4 years before eventually starting basic One.

One day Mrs Olisa, Bayo’s new class teacher called BIsi to complain of Bayo’s inability to write like other children in her class.


Everything Is Not a Toy for Your Child

Cecilia was trying to finish typing her report on the laptop and send it to her boss before her deadline expired. Beside her was Bobo, her two-year old son crying and demanding Cecilia’s Samsung phone to play with. The woman didn’t want ‘disturbance’, so she gave her phone to Bobo.

Minutes later, she heard a smashing noise; Bobo had hit the phone on the tiles. The screen shattered.


Be Careful What You Say to Your Children When You Are Angry

Steve was in the staff room when he was called by the headmistress. The English teacher for primary three class wasn’t in school because she was sick, so Steve was asked  to teach the pupils English for that day.

It wasn’t a difficult task; Steve was a primary five English teacher, so he simply needed to see the lesson note to know what to teach. When he checked, the topic for the day was composition.

“Write a composition on the topic, My Family,” Steve instructed the pupils after he had finished teaching.

“You have twenty minutes,” He said and sat down watching the pupils.


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3 Ways to Build Your Child’s Natural Intelligence:

Child’s Natural Intelligence:

Dr. Agbokoba had taken his only daughter, Chika, on sight-seeing to the House of Assembly complex in the state. It was a regular practice for him to take her out on such activity. Sometimes Mrs. Agbokoba joined them; sometimes she was too busy, just like on this occasion.

Chika had applied for admission in one of the biggest private senior secondary schools in the land, and according to the rule, the three best candidates would be given scholarships. Chika had passed all the stages of test; she was getting ready for the final stage in few days’ time.


How Safe is the School Bus for your Child?

School Bus and Safety of Children, Is the School Dangerous ? How safe is school Bus?

Circumstances have ways of opening our eyes to some alarming possibilities and truths, except that sometimes, we are too occupied to see what has been revealed to us.

how safe is the school bus

I remember an incident during my days as a teacher in a private school. School had dismissed, but because I had lesson notes to write I stayed back in school. I was a new teacher to the school, so I didn’t want to be found wanting in my job so early on. The school had a school bus which took trips to drive home pupils and students, and there were many students to drop home every day because parents were usually too busy for school run in the afternoon. So I was hoping to join the bus when it returned for its last trip, to take home students who stayed back for lessons.


3 Ways to Create a Memorable Valentine’s Day for Your Family

Valentine’s day tip For your family

As children, whenever we got to the month of February, the thing that came to mind was Valentine’s Day. It was something to look forward to.

Well, we are adults now, and we have different perceptions of Val’s Day.

valentine's day for your family

For some parents, Valentine’s Day is special; for some others, it’s just another day. In fact, some parents say Val’s Day is a waste of time because love should be celebrated every day, not on a specific day!