What You Ought to Know about Having a Nanny in Nigeria


Experiences of a Nigerian Parent.

Having a nanny in Nigeria

My Nanny and I,the ugly truth about  having a nanny in Nigeria.

A nanny can either be a blessing to you or a thorn in your flesh. Sometimes you will think you can change them but I tell you, it can be difficult. Sometimes, as impossible as making the nose of a dog white!

I got my nanny through a friend’s referral.

A 45year old grandma; you might wonder how she became a grandma at that age, well that is gist for another day.

As part of the routine, we decided to carry out a background check on her; and visit the home address she had earlier provided.

Luckily for us, we met her family. And considered her worthy of being hired.



When hiring a nanny, make it an official affair.

There should be no emotional sentiments like I had, because you might complicate issues.

My Nanny took advantage of my emotions and almost became the captain of my home.

When I give orders she will say,  “No this is how I do it in my house, so that’s the way it will be done here”

It took my being smart and God’s wisdom to be able to re-capture my home and make my orders make sense once more.

The next time you’re hiring a nanny, remember to follow the right steps and set a solid foundation.

When you are clouded by sentiments, you will not choose the right person and you will see yourself hiring and firing nannies.

We would like to hear from you, your experiences with hiring your nanny and working with your them.

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