4 Reasons Why You Should Embrace a more Peaceful Parenting Style this Year



Peaceful Parenting

Peaceful Parenting, What is Peaceful Parenting?

It is an approach to parenting where parents learn to control and emotions while handling their kids and do not allow themselves to be carried away by their kid’s emotions.

Udo is a 29-year old Mum, who hails from the eastern part of the country.

A wife and working class mom.


Udo is from an average home where both parents are civil servants.


Hence they are always home in the evenings.
This gave them the opportunity to supervise Udo and her siblings properly.


The kids were very happy seeing their parents almost readily available. The parents were always there for the kids. It wasn’t just about providing the kids with basic necessities, they were there even when their attention didn’t matter.


Udo wants a home like her maiden home but unfortunately she hasn’t been able to achieve this because of her tight work schedule and the hustling and bustling of the city of “Lagos” where she lives.


Here are some of the approaches Udo’s parents adopted.


Udo’s parents always had a one-on-one time with the kids. This boosted the relationship between the kids and their parents.  The parents could read in between the lines and immediately figure out what exactly is wrong with the kids.  The factor responsible for this almost accurate prediction is their ability to spend quality time with the kids devoid of distractions especially mobile devices.


The parents were smart enough to be silly when the kids are. Often times our response to a situation determines what next will happen. When your child decides to be silly and you react instead of responding… You have lost it.


For instance Udo’s mom responding this way to her daughter who was 5 then.
Udo:Mummy! Mummy! Mummy! (Screaming her mom’s name loudly)
Mom: Udo! Udo! Udo!


It was all turned into a joke/mother – daughter playing but her response determined how the scenario ended.


How often do you decide to play along with your child and behave like a baby you were, some years back?


Her parents were very good at setting limits but they will follow through with love especially when the kids try to rebel.

Setting limits for kids is never a bad idea – as there is a time and season for everything – a time to laugh and a time to cry too.


Don’t complicate the issues and feel you have to give them a free hand – there are things not meant for kids and it should be so.

If a parent can name his child and he bears that name for life – why can’t the parent set limit of what he feels is right or wrong?

Udo’s parents had a way of always staying connected with their kids. How connected are you with your kids? When a child misbehaves – you discipline the child but after that what happens? Do you still remain in that angry mood or do you embrace the child and explain the consequence of his actions?


We have to discipline our kids and at the same time give them a loving welcome afterwards. Never drive your kids crazy because they will totally disconnected from you.


How well are we all striving like Udo to embrace a more peaceful parenting style this year? Yes we can achieve it – it is possible – whatever you set the mind on you can achieve it.


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