Valentine’s day tip For your family

As children, whenever we got to the month of February, the thing that came to mind was Valentine’s Day. It was something to look forward to.

Well, we are adults now, and we have different perceptions of Val’s Day.

valentine's day for your family

For some parents, Valentine’s Day is special; for some others, it’s just another day. In fact, some parents say Val’s Day is a waste of time because love should be celebrated every day, not on a specific day!

These are interesting views. But since we celebrate mother’s day, father’s day, children’s day, etc, on certain days, despite celebrating those people all the time, perhaps we can also endorse a special day  love celebration! This would also be a golden opportunity to celebrate Val the way parents want their children to celebrate it when they are grown and away from their parents.

Aha! I knew you would agree!

So here are a few tips on how to make the best of Valentine’s Day with your family:


It would be an expensive assumption to say that all families eat together. That’s not true. Many families eat separately because the father or mother returns late, or because the children sleep early and so on. So Val’s Day would be a perfect opportunity for the family to eat together, discuss issues and laugh about many things.

You won’t believe how effective this is.

Even for families that are used to eating together, the feeling of eating together on special occasions is different. So you can set up candles on the dining table, play good music in the sitting room, prepare special meals and have wonderful family talks at diner. That’s Val!


Val’s Day is an opportunity for families to go out and have fun. There are usually many events organized to celebrate Val, so families can decide to attend one of the events.

Naturally, many families don’t attend fun events very often; therefore, choosing Valentine’s Day to attend a fun event could be memorable. It could also encourage family bonding.

Parents should not be shy of reaffirming their love for their spouse before their children, because it is, in fact, one of the ways of showing children how to live when their own time comes.


It is important to teach children the kind of love to be celebrated during Valentine’s Day; family love, and love for one another, especially for the less privileged.

Therefore, parents could take their children to the orphanage, prisons, etc, with food items to show love to people in those places.

When children are raised this way, there will be no fear of the children changing their ways to practice something else in the future.

Oya, come on; decorate your house with your children. Assign your children to read bible passages preaching love and speak on certain love topics during your family gathering. Watch good movies together, especially as many schools will be closed for general elections.

Have a good time because love is in the air!

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