3 Reasons Why You Should Never Be Your Kids Best Friend


kids best friend

You should never be your kids best friend…sounds absurd right?

I was

surprised when I saw this too compared to the common and popular myth that “parents should be their kids best friends.”

If I am my kids best friend, I will know all they’re doing, they will be free to talk to me. They will love me more and more .

Parenting is deeper than this, to be successful parents, we must raise great kids.

Youths of today are leaders of tomorrow.

Here are the three obvious reasons why you should not be your kids best friend.

Setting Boundaries and Limits.
When you have a best friend, its easier to bend the rules .

Have you ever realised your kids in a bid to show they love you do some emotional blackmail on you.

When you set certain limits, because they see you as their mate and best friend, they come for negotiation and would want you to bend the rules.
When you don’t they feel bad .

A few nights back, at about 10.30 pm, my 3 year old son was asked to go to bed.

He said ” I am still watching cartoon “.

I instructed that the television be put off.

He cried to me saying ” what have I done Mom ? Remember am your favorite son.”

Can you beat that?

It was a difficult situation but it took guts to be firm.

He ended up going to bed with the last words “Mom, you have ceased from being my friend”

Well normal kids talk, you have ceased from being my friend but it forms an impression, which will last almost forever.

As crazy as it sounds, kids need at least a parent who is able to set boundaries and limits  and ensure enforcement.

The kids fight and resist change just like every other human being. Sometimes, they fight your decisions but at the end of the day..you are making these decisions for their good.

They appreciate it,  when they grow older.

In all you should always be your kids friend but remember to draw that thin line so that you will be able to set limits and enforce them to the later.



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